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Punk Rock Brands And Bands

Written by~ Sharry Flaherty 

Before the pandemic many people only dabbled in a craft or had a “side hustle” they enjoyed working on in their free time. After millions were forced to stay home for months, more small businesses popped up. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Etsy were swarming with the little guys trying to promote their products and skills, such as clothing, jewelry, art and entertainment.


That’s where people like Chelsea Claire and Jaime Trash found a way to branch out their small punk clothing and accessories side hustle and make it into something more! This talented husband and wife duo run their small business, originally started by Jaime in 2017, Vomito Clothing through their Depop website, or they can be found on Instagram and Facebook.


Their brand Vomito Clothing includes handmade items that can be custom designed just for you. “(Jaime) started by making his own T-shirts and patches with spray paint or painted by hand and our business grew during the pandemic when we were both stuck at home.” They enjoy using articles of clothing that can be reused or up-cycled, turning that old sweater into the punk Ramones tribute someone has always wanted!

Untitled design(212).jpg

Creative husband and wife duo form punk clothing line Vomito Clothing and Accessories

Chelsea and Jaime enjoy all things punk and have even taken that to the stage, playing together in a punk rock band called Manoz Zuziaz! They perform as a two-piece band in small venues around Mesa, Arizona and have kept their musical talent going for 12 years.

While Jaime and Chelsea have a passion for clothing work and punk rock together, Chelsea has another job as well. You can find her working in the Sun Studios of Arizona, where she is a studio coordinator. The Sun Studios currently produce a list of horror genre titles for horror movie distributors like Midnight Releasing.

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This husband and wife pair share a passion for creativity, punk rock and horror. Bringing a new, handmade look to punk wardrobes with Vomito Clothing and adding a new element to the indie horror scene with Sun Studios. You can catch something that Chelsea has worked on if you check out Midnight Releasing, or maybe even see them both performing around Mesa, Arizona in their band, Manoz Zuziaz !

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Attention bloggers, online magazines, and pod-casters, for follow up interviews with the Chelsea Claire and Jaime Trash , be sure to contact Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment at:








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