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Ivonna Cadaver on the RED BOOTH This Weekend!

Written By

Nick R. Murphy

Cinema Trends

Samera Entertainment and Druid Pictures proudly present Macabre Theatre host Ivonna Cadaver on THE RED BOOTH this Saturday night with Kimberly Q!

Mark your calendars because on Saturday May 26th , Ivonna Cadaver takes a seat in THE RED BOOTH with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can also be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Ivonna Cadaver hosts Macabre Theatre alongside Butch Patrick (aka Eddie Munster from the "The Munsters") every Saturday night at 10 pm EST on Youtoo America. Ivonna and Butch bring their signature segments like "Man on the Street,” “Ghost Stories,” and “Goth Trivia” for special giveaways. Ivonna engages with her fans and viewers every Saturday night as she live tweets with Macabre Theatre.

Macabre Theatre begins its all new season of interviews from the likes of Jack Black, Paul Sorvino, Lance Hendrickson, John5 from Rob Zombie and Tom Morello from "Rage Against the Machine" and many more, exclusively on Youtoo America.

​Ivonna Cadaver talks about everything and more this Saturday night on THE RED BOOTH with Kimberly Q. Catch it May 26 th at 9 p.m. PST / 12 EST on Youtoo America, the national cable network broadcast to 45 million households a week.


THE RED BOOTH is created and produced by Pinup style host Kimberly Quigley. She interviews entertainment industry professionals such as actors, directors, singers, musicians and more. Its tag-line, Diner Booth Diaries can be found across social media and with nearly 200 episodes. With its Vintage Americana-style flair, it's a fun look into the history of many well-known stars of today and tomorrow.

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