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Talented Movie Composer,
Ryan McTear

Talented movie composer, Ryan McTear, puts together an eclectic and spooky soundtrack
for Porter + Craig Film Distribution’s, award-winning first feature, The Blacklight.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

Music is one of the many things that go into making a captivating and engaging film. Which is where talented composers such as Ryan McTear come in to play. He has written, composed and edited the music that has been featured in several indie films, such as Death Til Death, Get Lucky and the newest movie The Blacklight.


Ryan describes composing and creating the soundtrack for The Blacklight as a “huge process”. The director, Nick Snow, knew he wanted something eclectic, leading McTear to develop a perfectly haunting composition of orchestral sounds and “hellish music” that fit the genre bending vibe that is the supernatural film.


Even with the hiccup of Covid and quarantine, Ryan managed to crank out eerie, captivating and perfectly fitting music for the supernatural crime drama. “A lot of the soundtrack was mixed in Philadelphia by my brother, BrIan McTear, who is actually an award winning producer. He was able to really help elevate a lot of the pieces and make them totally unique,” Ryan says about the process of finalizing the music for the film, The Blacklight.

“I am very proud of the music that we created for the film. It was a process that was almost a year…,” McTear says about his overall experience with composing The Blacklight. “There are moments where you’re so deep in it, you just can’t imagine it ever being over, then like that it’s done.”


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The Blacklight movie with its talented cast and intense soundtrack are made possible thanks to film and TV industry veterans Jeff Porter and Keith L. Craig. These two partners have their first theatrical release from Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution with The Blacklight, which follows a thief that joins forces with a few Gen Z dropouts to pull off a robbery that would forever change their lives. The supernatural element of a mysterious and powerful item, along with the engaging and entertaining cast and intensely captivating music all make for a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


The award winning film, The Blacklight, is only a small portion of the impressive careers that both Porter and Craig have made, as well as Ryan McTear. With spooky music and intense dialogue and story telling, their efforts, combined with the acting cast are what make this engaging movie the Indie Film award-winner that it is.

If you’re looking for an exciting, limited theatrical film that brings humor, heists and evil objects with a twist of supernatural drama then write The Blacklight down on your list of “must watch'' movies.



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