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Darryl Dougherty Highlighted Performance in

The Pinville Heist

"The Pineville Heist" is the latest film from director, Lee chambers, co-written with Todd Gordon.  The film's credible performances are highlighted by Darryl Dougherty as Officer Carl Smith, known for his debut performance portrayal of River Phoenix in The Final 24 when he started his career in 2006.  While his charming good looks get your attention when his face first lights up the screen, one cannot help but notice the depth of his talent as he embodies the character in the script.  In his latest work, "The Pineville Heist," he shows what it means for an actor to know the character he has been charged with on screen.

While some scenes were more limited due to the running time of the film, Darryl was able convey to an audience how much he loved his girl and the "tough love he gives to his job and the people around him".  Officer Carl may be the kind of law enforcer who shoots first and asks questions later, but Darryl admits that type of role is more fun to play than what might actually be the case in real life. 


All independent films work under both time and budget restraints, and "The Pineville Heist" was no exception.  But under the superb, watchful eyes of Lee Chambers, the result is an intriguing look at a robbery gone terribly wrong.  When a teenager find himself trapped inside his school trying to keep himself and his teacher alive as one of the psychotic robbers hunts them down, every line in the script becomes an individual, integral part of the film, and Darryl rose to the occasion of every challenge and gives an outstanding performance.  


While Darryl admits the dynamics between actors may not always gel on every scene, he speaks of Lee Chambers as "... the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."  He landed the role by chance through a past professor and friend (Dennis Austin) from his days attending Confederation College who had read the script, and put forth Darryl's name for consideration.  Being From Timmins, Ontario, and town about 500 miles from Thunder Bay where "The Pineville Heist" was filmed, for Darryl, it was like filming at home.  


Darryl seemed to take to acting naturally as he admits he has an over-active imagination and enjoys putting himself in crazy situations" realizing early on "good guys don't win is just such great film making."  He appreciates the great icons in the industry such as Clint Eastwood, Dame Judy Dench, Al Pacino, and Gene Hackman, so it is obvious he aspires to reach the pinnacle of his industry and there is no doubt he will with his own personal goals.  Hoping to one day find himself in a Star Wars film "so badly, it hurts," falling in love with Oliver Stone's Platoon adds to his ambition to be in a war film.  Not to be excluded is a strong desire to be part of a successful series when he finds the right opportunity.


Finding the right role is always a personal challenge for any actor, but what Darryl finds most inviting are the "edgy roles" - the ones that are dangerously fun where the character displays more with fewer words, thus conveying one of the strongest qualities of a good actor.  If done correctly, well worth the risk.  Darryl is intuitively able to break everything down into sections in his mind, visualizing every movement until it becomes instinctive, and taking positive feedback from a good director.


From his role as Lee Buckley in Revelations: The End of Days to "The Pineville Heist," his future continues to grow in the right direction, the road to continued success that may allow him to one day buy that fully loaded truck for his Dad.  The friends who support and encourage him have his best interest at heart because they know the depth of his talent and determination.


And so, when "The Pineville Heist" is seen by audiences through its release at Walmart, Family Video and other such video retail outlets or the VOD outlets with Amazon, I-Tunes, Verizon, Time Warner, and Comcast, audiences will be looking for more and more from Darryl Dougherty, as well they should.  Canadian audiences are currently enjoying its release in Canada, and as time progresses, you will see this young man's name scroll across the credits of more and more films.  His stature in this competitive industry will surely reach heights he is so well deserving of for all his hard work and, more importantly, his talent.

Written By; Patti Tripp

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