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WTF! Inspires Director Peter Herro

Written By

Dane Millerd

Local Legends Entertainment

Dane Millerd of Samera Entertainment/ Local Legends Entertainment enjoys a Q and A sessions with Writer, Director Peter Herro discussing his Horror/Comedy feature WTF! What inspires him and the advice he can offer to other Indie filmmakers.

LL: How did you come up with the title WTF and why?


PH: I remember back when we were writing the film that I wanted to create something fun, campy and something that would leave you saying WTF!?. I looked to see if anyone had used the title at the time back in 2009 and to my surprise no one had. I bought up a lot of the urls with the acronym WTF in it to stake my claim in the name the best I could. It worked in the end! “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” ended up using WTF in short hand which was a little worrisome. But it didn’t affect the film as bad as I had originally thought. 

LL: You have a very interesting concept here with WTF, what inspired you?


PH: I was a huge fan of the movie “Scream” and  I love the  movie “Mean Girls”. So  I  thought  to myself. What if 

is a mix between my two favorite films. “Mean Girls” meets “Scream”. That was pretty much how this movie came to be. I wanted “Mean Girls” with a butcher knife. 

LL: What has drawn you to this genre?

PH: The genre was one that really inspired me as a kid. Being able to create a fun movie that makes people laugh and be scared at the same time has always been really thrilling to me! I love being able to create moments in the darkness that make you laugh even when you know a bloody death is just around the corner!

LL: How does making a feature compare to previous shorts?


PH: I only did a few short films years back. There is no comparison from short to feature. The feature took 3 years to complete from preproduction to release. It was a full time job on top of my full time job. I could never have expected the amount of work it takes to make it all work. There are so many variables and so many personalities. So many people have their hand in the film. So many people you have to impress and keep happy. It was a very taxing process. I am so happy I made the leap. I love feature length films and after doing my first, though hard, I am ready for more!


LL: What initially drew you to filmmaking?


PH: I have always wanted to be a director. Ever since I was a kid I remember having an overactive imagination and always wanting a way to show the world what I was thinking. I eventually would love to move into the action/adventure genre and direct Lord of the Rings style films. 

LL: What's next for WTF?



PH: That’s a great question! We actually have a finished script for WTF 2. Or as I like to call it WTF!! Bonnies Revenge. As it says in the title. Bonnie hasn’t really died. Now beaten, burned, and scarred for life. Bonnie seeks revenge on Rachel her ultimate nemesis. This movie has a bunch of it own twists. It plays up the campy side of the first WTF! a lot more. We are in development on this film and are looking to shoot in the next year. This one will absolutely be worth checking out!

LL: Is your next project from the same genre or of similar ilk?


PH: Though WTF!! Is in the works it won’t likely be the next film up for production. I am working on a film not called “Locksmyth”. Still in the horror genre, this film is different from WTF! as it features a masked killer that gets off breaking into the most secure homes in America. 


LL: Best advice you received or tip you can pass on regarding filmmaking?


PH: Don’t wear too many hats. I was forced to do a lot on my own because of budget restrictions. I was a producer, director, line producer, and filled holes for other small roles we couldn’t afford to fill. It kept me incredibly busy and worried about money and spend. It took away from my experience as a director and didn’t allow me all the time I really would have wanted with my actors. I made a movie and I directed the hell out of the cast. Don’t get me wrong. But I wanted to spend a lot more time perfecting the scenes and their characters. Time that I couldn’t find on a busy set wearing all of these hats. I would tell a filmmaker to not feel like they have to take it all on. Find a friend or someone that wants to grow with you and have them take on those other roles. It doesn’t pay to multitask and wear too many hats. 

LL: What filmmakers have shaped you and your approach to the craft?


PH: I love how Wes Craven created franchises that really captured you. He is someone I model myself after as best I can. He was an amazing director. I hope to one day be able to pull off the type of amazing films he was able to deliver to the world. 


LL: If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?


PH: I would love to have the opportunity to work with Kathleen Kennedy. A true power house producer that can get the job done. She is a real rockstar. 

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