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The Creative Force of Actress, Filmmaker
and Author Tonya Pinkins

South Side Chicago native, Tonya Pinkins, continues to bring dynamic acting and writing to the filmmaking scene in ABC’s 6-part series, Women of the Movement.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

One of the biggest talents to arise on the scene in the last few years is the triple threat, Tonya Pinkins. She’s not only an incredible, Tony award winning actress, but is also a director and writer, showcasing her skills in her metaphorical, political thriller movie, Red Pill.


Tonya was recently cast in the film, Women of the Movement, airing on ABC. The subject is a matter of history, true story and struggle in the black community during a time where equality was not a thing in America. Jay-Z and Will Smith are executive producers of the 6-part series that takes place in Chicago, Tonya’s home city, following a grandmother, Alma Spearman (played by Pinkins), and her family after losing her grandson to a brutal act of racism. The Tony award winner’s big screen acting continues to impress as she puts her heart and soul into her character, bringing awareness and shining an important light on the treatment of black Americans throughout the years.

Tonya Pinkins is truly a creative force as she continues to pursue working on different parts of her career journey. Already being an excellent writer, she has taken her talents for the written and spoken word, putting out more than one book in the last few years. Her most recent piece of literature came after her experiences with creating her award winning movie, Red Pill. She wrote, published and narrated her book Red Pill Unmasked: A Movie Making Memoir, where she gives an inside look at her on-screen and behind-the-scenes production of her first feature film. If you loved the movie and want to know more about Tonya’s writing, directing and thinking process then be sure to give this a read!

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This amazingly talented woman’s drive, passion and skills are immeasurable as nothing seems to hold her back from accomplishing what she wants in her career. Even when she wasn’t sure if she would ever have her moment to write and direct, she was given her opportunity with her feature film Red Pill, distributed by Midnight Releasing, allowing her to finally shine!


You can also find the incredible Tonya Pinkins in other big screen films and TV shows such as Madam Secretary and Fear The Walking Dead. But be sure to check out her movie, Red Pill, and the behind-the-scenes book, Red Pill Unmasked: A Movie Making Memoir.




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