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David Mullenger Brings Characters

and Opportunities to Life

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Born to a French mother and a British father, David Mullenger came of age south of Lincolnshire and north of Essex, in the English county of Cambridgeshire. There, he found his knack for dancing and personal training. At seventeen, he was hired as a dance instructor at a drama studio in the town of Ely. His first agency signed him in 2010. Soon after, David landed a gig in a music video for the Duffy song “Well, Well, Well.” That’s when an indelible desire for acting took full effect. He pursued it intensively from then on, searching for what would be helpful to strengthen his ability. He didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to gain experience in his new wheelhouse. David wanted to be on top of his game, and he had the drive and determination to make it happen. He had to find a strong outlet for his artistic hunger. And while it was an obsessive pursuit, he was conscious enough to continue on without losing himself entirely to it.

David Mullenger is more than just an actor. He is a talented producer, a skilled dancer, and a personal trainer. His grand ambition has roots in an upbringing infused with influences from the arts. That makes it easy to argue that David was born for this creative path. An air of accomplishment permeates all his work. He embraces all that he does with an aura of inspiration and depth, making any performance as powerful as it can possibly be.

David set his eyes to refine his acting chops by auditioning for Oxford Drama School. Despite being accepted, David felt his circumstances didn’t line up with the curriculum. So he set his eyes on alternative options to broaden his passion for performing. Starting with low-level classes that made him think about how to improve his process. This training was a good strategy to help develop his method. Although over time, he felt he was outgrowing the limited options offered in Cambridgeshire. So he determined the best course of action to accomplish his goals was to relocate to London. And in 2015, that’s exactly what he did.

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Once settled, David attended acting workshops in the London area, but for some reason his experiences failed to ignite the spark that could kick his career into high gear. However, all that changed in 2016, when he arrived at the Actors Door Studio, a London based institution that specializes in the Meisner technique, an approach to acting where a performer is encouraged to get out of their head and feel the underlying emotion of the character. Under the tutelage of artistic director, Fay Beck, David became a quick study on the Meisner method and evolved as an actor as a result. The spark was back. David was ready to take his journey to the next level.

After his graduation from the Actors Door Studio, David went on to play the small, but fun role of an Albanian baker in the British crime drama Original Gangster, starring Steve Guttenberg and Alex Mills. He then landed a role in a short sci-fi drama as a man forbidden by technology to grieve the loss of his father, triggering him to find solace in alcohol.

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During this time, David found himself involved a long running saga with Greg James at BBC Radio1, playing a character by the name of David Yoghurt, a man enraged by how the lid is never clean whenever he opens a container of yoghurt. The character inspired a craze amongst a subsection of Brits who were also incensed over never having clean lids. Due to David Yoghurt’s unexpected popularity, Mullenger may return to BBC Radio1 once more to reprise the role. Time will tell.

David’s biggest challenge of late regards his efforts as partner in a new production company. He is building a team to assist him in the operation of Gold Reels Media. Founded by director/actor/producer Alessandro De Marco, Gold Reels Media produces showreel scenes for rising stars. This company works with actors to discover the best content to highlight their strengths and presence. With the professional acting reels Gold Reels creates, it provides a chance for its clients to stand out and attain exposure that they would not otherwise have access to. It is through this endeavor that David can give back to the craft that has given him so much.

With such history devoted to his talent, David is destined to have a bright future in entertainment, which in turn will pave the way for the bright futures of others. His success is a gateway to bigger and better things. So it seems safe to say that David Mullenger is a name you’ll be hearing for a long time to come.

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