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Indie film website creator and review writer Michael Haberfelner turns his passion to production and book writing, earning several awards and nominations

Written by~ Allison Salonko

Author, producer, actor and horror movie fan, Michael Haberfelner, brings his love for indie films, gore and dark humor to books and the big screen. Our jack of many trades has been a huge fan of the film industry for his entire life, starting where he was born and raised in beautiful, Vienna, Austria.


Michael started his journey in the movie business in 2005 by creating his website, where he began listing thousands of movie reviews and interviews with other directors, producers and actors from the indie film scene. Michael enjoys focusing (however, not exclusively) on independent and horror movies and filmmakers as he feels promoting these individuals will bring more recognition to a talented group of creative professionals and their work.


This man’s talent doesn’t stop there as he continues to expand his skill sets, starting his career in filmmaking in 2012. Michael decided that he didn’t want to sit behind the scenes anymore and put his work on the big screen for indie gore and horror movie fans to enjoy! His efforts paid off as his talents as producer for There’s No Such Thing As Zombies (2018), First Impressions Can Kill (2017) and Talk Of The Dead (2016) were huge hits; earning him 3 wins for 3 years in a row at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, California.


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Not only has his love and passion for movies and the horror genre made him an excellent producer and interviewer, but it’s also been a great segway for writing his first book, Tales to Chill Your Bones to. This creepy, entertaining and spine-tingling book brings a series of mini-stories and plays to your late night couch reading, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time! You can find stories about unfortunate events, robots, weird romances, demon rats and even a scary Santa Claus. But keep in mind, this book may not be for the weak of heart!


Michael’s talent and aptitude for horror and indie filmmaking is not only something that he has applied to the big screen but he continues to support and promote his favorite industry through his website. As mentioned earlier, is a place where he brings a network and proper platform for his filmmakers and film fans alike.

If you’re interested in finding the hidden gems that are in the indie film industry, then check out where Michael has years of movie reviews and actor/producer interviews for you to read and listen to. Oh, and if you’re looking for that spooky read with an excellent storyteller, then check out his book Tales to Chill Your Bones to! You will certainly not be disappointed!



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