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A Bright 2021 on the horizon for London/Stroud Casting

After a strenuous, but productive 2020, London/Stroud Casting catches up with Samera Entertainment to chronicle their creative journey over the past year.

During the challenging year of 2020, London/Stroud Casting completed casting seven movies that went into production all across the globe. There were many self-tape auditions, zoom callbacks with actors, producers and directors. Lisa and Catherine adapted to this new business model and helped these movies take place.

Lisa London stated, “When the pandemic hit last March, we knew it was no longer business as usual. We moved our entire operation online and we were able to cast actors from all across the US and even internationally.”

Their projects spanned the U.S from New Mexico to Georgia, from Nashville to Long Island and to Europe in Malta and Italy.

Here are a few of the highlights:

The Inheritance - written by Alexandra Boylan, John K.D. Graham and Andrea Polnaszek. Directed by John Graham. The film stars Mena Suvari, Jaleel White, Jeff Schroeder plus a cast of very talented southeast actors.

The story follows estranged siblings returning to their family estate to claim the inheritance their mother left behind. After discovering that the deed to the estate is hidden on the property, a caper ensues as they compete to find it.

John Graham shared, “This casting team not only found us a dream cast, but their creative input helped get the movie into production.”

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Basement - filmed in Long Island, New York. The story is about the onset of the next Big War. Nine neighbors, trapped beneath a city under siege, must overcome their prejudice in order to survive the night.

“Besides having a great handle on the scope of the project and an incredible eye for talent, Lisa and Catherine took the burden of the casting process off our hands. As an independent producer and director, that is exactly what you need,” said Robert Rosenbaum.

“Getting these amazing casts during a pandemic created new challenges with all the travel restrictions and the unknowns about the virus,” said Stroud. “However once the producers were ready with all the Covid-19 protocols in place, so were we!”

They also cast two movies for Paradox Pictures:

State of Consciousness - starring Emile Hirsch and Tatjana Nardone (from the TV show, The Medici on Amazon)

Eddie and Sunny - starring Gabriel Luna (Agents of Shield) and Joanna Vanderham (from the TV show, Warrior on Cinemax)

CEO/producer, Silvio Muraglia had this to say, “It has been a blessing to be able to get two movies off the ground and completed during these times. Thanks in no small part to all your hard work!”

Old Henry - filmed in Nashville, directed by Potsy Ponciroli and produced by Shannon Houchins and Mike Hagerty from Hideout Pictures.

The film centers on a widowed farmer Henry and his son Wyatt who warily take in a mysterious, injured man with a satchel of cash and stars Timothy Blake Nelson, Stephen Dorff, Scott Haze, Trace Adkins and the up and coming talented star, Gavin Lewis.

Shannon shared, “Top notch casting. Lisa and Catherine really persist to get those hard gets. Plus they are masters at finding up and coming stars.”

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Canyon Del Muerto – filmed in New Mexico, written and directed by Coerte Voorhees. The movie is based on the true story of one of America’s first female archaeologists, Ann Axtell Morris, who spent years uncovering civilizations in the southwest and Mexico. Ann Morris was married to Earl Halstead Morris, who was the primary inspiration for the Indiana Jones character.

Abigail Lawrie (Tin Star) plays Ann Morris; Tom Felton plays Ann’s husband, Earl Halstead Morris; Ewen Bremner (Wonder Woman) plays Sylvanus G. Morley and Wes Studi (The Last of the Mohicans) rounds out the cast which also includes a number of actors from the Navajo Nation.

To book London Stroud Casting for your upcoming project, contact Sharry Flaherty at

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