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It is Time to Bring Back the Horror with "Living Among Us" Director Brian A. Metcalf

Written By

Sharry Flaherty

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Vampires are about to make themselves public again in “Living Among Us”. The horror film has been written and directed by Brian A Metcalf. The talented cast includes the late actor, John Heard (Home Alone), Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie), Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You) and Esmé Bianco (Game of Thrones). Metcalf understands the importance of the great acting skills, he feels Blessed to have the chance to work with such amazing and talented personalities.

Filmed in Los Angeles, “Living Among Us” is the story of a group of filmmakers that finalize a deal with a family of vampires, who have been living with humans for years. Conducting an on camera study on how they have been surviving and soon realize they are in for more than just a documentary.

Metcalf has been working on the script for quite some time to assure that it will be realistic. In order to film the movie perfectly, he started by providing his audience with authentic information, he did not just  make  up  any  disease.  He  first  worked  on  looking  for  different  diseases  that  vampires

are supposed to suffer from and the most common medical condition is Porphyria or the vampire's disease, which is a genetic disorder. Symptoms include gums to recede giving the appearance of fangs, sunlight exposure can cause burning of the skin, garlic would have an adverse effect. All this research and study is explained in the film, this shows how dedicated Metcalf is to his project.

Collaboration with the right partners is the key to success for Metcalf. He has worked with different individuals and has built strong relationships. While he is working on a project he tries to explain his vision and those that understand him properly are the ones he continues to work closely with. 

A new partnership is now with Vision Films distributing “Living Among Us” for Domestic VOD and DVD platforms through their output deal with Sony Home Entertainment. The film was acquired by Acquisitions Executive Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment.

Along with his drive, determination and always giving his best. We will be seeing more of his talents being praised. The future is bright for Brian A. Metcalf and it is quite obvious we have a star Living Among Us.

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