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Life Rolls into the Gutter in HARVEY, and the Body Count Rises...

Samera Entertainment gives you a quick look at the latest offering from Midnight Releasing

 Written by ~ Nick R. Murphy

Coming this month to VOD, a rundown bowling alley becomes ground zero for gruesome doings in HARVEY, a new psychological thriller from our good friends at Midnight Releasing.


Filmmakers Ranelle Golden and Johnny Alonso join forces to direct this intense suspense drama that stars Darius Autry as Harvey, a hotheaded young man fed up with everything and everyone around him. Things soon reach their breaking point when a drinking binge thrusts Harvey into a fugue state, causing him to blackout and awake the next day in the aftermath of a murder. Is Harvey responsible for the killing? Or is it all an elaborate setup meant to make Harvey look like the bad guy? Not even Harvey knows which is true, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this mystery. However, his search for the truth is packed with many pitfalls, and if he digs too deep, he might be the next dead body.

"I've been describing Harvey as an 80s vibed, modern day psychological thriller. It takes place in a small town. If you go through ten streetlights, you've blown through town. I've been through towns like this on the historic Route 66. Places forgotten. Seen better days."  - Johnny Alonso (co-director)

Harvey was shot in late 2020 on location at the Oviedo Bowling Alley in Oviedo, Florida. It has the proud distinction of being one of eight indie films from 2020 that was cleared by the Screen Actors Guild during the initial outbreak of the COVID pandemic. The film also stars Erin O'Brien, Allison Meister, Andrew Rogers, Kevin Winn and co-director Johnny Alonso as Keith, the high-strung bowling alley manager.


"I dig Ranelle's writing, so when she said she wrote Keith for me, I knew the dialogue would be something to sink my teeth into. I had a lot of room to play with this character." - Johnny Alonso

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Harvey is the kind of thriller that brings a fresh perspective to small town murder. Due to the economy of the area, almost every person in town is struggling financially. As each of the main characters get deeper into the murderous dynamic, a paranoid atmosphere develops, where everyone is suspicious of everyone else.

"Harvey starts out as a slow burn slice of life in a little town that turns into something dark and sinister. That setup offers plenty of opportunities to present situations that make the audience question their reality. The film also succeeds in creating a level of anxiety that made me wonder how the characters would deal with their increasingly dangerous predicament."- Darrin Ramage (CEO Midnight Releasing)

Harvey is headed for its worldwide VOD release on January 7, 2022, courtesy of Midnight Releasing. Keep clicking back for more updates on the latest horror releases, and be sure to follow Samera Entertainment for even more entertainment headlines.

To see the trailer for HARVEY click HERE

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HARVEY is now available from Midnight Releasing.

Attention bloggers, horror magazines, and podcasters, for follow up interviews with the cast and crew, be sure to contact Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment at:


Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.


Sharry Flaherty CEO and Founder of Samera Entertainment is a seasoned and well known film producer and Acquisitions Executive for Midnight Releasing. Samera consults with filmmakers on their projects that are either in development, pre-production or post-production. Filmmakers are welcome to submit their horror and thriller titles to:


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