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Mother Nature Is Not The Only Thing To Fear in UNSHELTERED!

Take a look at this twisted natural disaster slasher from Buffalo 8,
Eagle Eye Entertainment, and Reel Productions.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the disappearance of five college kids sets in motion a media storm that gives way to a deadly conspiracy in UNSHELTERED, the new horror thriller from Buffalo 8, Eagle Eye Entertainment, and Reel Productions.


The plot of UNSHELTERED finds our characters in dire straits when Hurricane Irma makes landfall. Unable to evacuate town in time, they must seek shelter elsewhere. However, when they finally do find shelter, they'll probably wish they stayed outside. What follows is an intense exploration of what could possibly be the final moments of five innocent lives, all inter-cut with a detective's obsessive investigation into the disappearances. It all leads to a shocking revelation that will hit like a punch to the gut.

"The story we told with UNSHELTERED really triggered our curiosity. What would you do if you and your friends were left stranded in the middle of a hurricane? That question really helped us put the plot together."


-- Marcus Small (director)

UNSHELTERED stars Raven Wynn, Caleb Martin, Chauntel Hall, Melinda Kay, Edgar Tomas Lopez, Rachel Kranstin, Ray Lloyd, Michael A. Quill, and Christian Rivera. Luis Canales and Marelize Roets wrote the script that Marcus Small directed for the screen.

“The ghastly feeling UNSHELTERED brings when watching is how in the back of your mind you can surmise that something like this could really happen. It would surprise a lot of people to know just how often heinous crimes that happen during these situations never see the media or even just a blip, mostly because the news becomes about the damage from the storms.”


-- John Hollaway (executive producer / president of Reel Productions)

The ensemble cast worked over whole nights, often with a skeleton crew, to bring the unhinged terror of UNSHELTERED to life. Filming took place last year in Geneva, Florida, a perfect stage to recreate the extreme devastation caused in 2017, when Hurricane Irma ravaged the land.

"With UNSHELTERED, we wanted to give the audience a unique experience that kept them on their toes. Where you're never quite sure what's around the corner. It's the fear of the unseen that really gives horror its power, and that's what we deliver to the viewer."


-- James Keitel (producer/CEO of Eagle Eye Entertainment)

You can experience the horror for yourself when UNSHELTERED makes its VOD premiere on February 25. You can pre-order your copy on Apple TV and iTunes starting February 11.

"Before Buffalo 8 acquired UNSHELTERED, there was a lot of discussion about how we would market it. We were hesitant, at least at first, in that it felt like an unforgiving movie. Then we had a moment of clarity. This was about the realities of murder. The fact that it happens, and the fact that the people who are involved don't always get the justice they deserve."


-- Nikki Stier Justice (Head of Buffalo 8 Distribution)


Brave the elements and order UNSHELTERED, courtesy of Buffalo 8. Available across Apple TV, Amazon, Google, and Vudu on February 25, 2022.

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Based in Santa Monica, Buffalo 8 is a full-service film and media company focused on production, post-production, finance and distribution. Buffalo 8 projects have been premiered and awarded at Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, and SXSW. Buffalo 8 projects include Little Men, Land of Leopald, As You Are, American Cherry, and Rodney King. At Buffalo 8, we are the fusion of an entrepreneurial culture fuse with a love of storytelling, the creative arts, and a passion for delivering original stories.



Eagle Eye Entertainment Inc. produces multimedia projects including feature films, documentaries and music videos for the worldwide market.



Reel Productions exists to offer development and production services, as well as to support and develop a range of feature film projects, television productions, or documentaries across all genres. Reel Productions collaborates on projects with domestic and international appeal that have the potential to be distinctive, high quality, creatively driven, and financially viable.

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