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Written by ~ Michael Joy
Jeff Schneider pic 1

What attracted you to EVIL UNDER THE SKIN? I really liked the opportunity to do something different. Luc's script was more of an experimental film and I always liked Robert Altmanns quote "If you're playing it safe then you're not playing at all." To me parts of the film reminded me of David Lynch and we even changed the last name of the character to "palmer" as a tribute to that.

How would you describe your directing style? It varies from project to project. I think this film is more of a David Lynch style and with some Lars von Trier style aspects to it.

What scene was the most rewarding to direct? The closing scene and I would say to direct and edit. The reason is we really tried to leave clues but not spell it out for the people watching but then we had to tie it together smoothly. I can't really explain that without going into spoilers. Very few people were able to catch all the clues one reviewer watched it twice and he found most but if you are just watching and not paying attention they are easy to miss.

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