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Maria Capp brings insight and personal experience to REACH, a gripping and socially conscious drama now available at a theatre near you!


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Nick R. Murphy

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The bullying epidemic has reached a tipping point over the last decade. With the dominance of social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok amongst others, bullying is always rising to innovative heights. It takes the relevance of important motion pictures like REACH to shed light on this growing surge of emotional and physical abuse. It is imperative to identify and emphasize with others now more than ever. This is a message that REACH delivers with impactful force.


REACH examines multiple sides of bullying. From the backhanded remarks kids make to each other at school to the physical violence at home that infects both the bullies and the bullied. It is a deconstruction of the seeds that lead to suicide, school shootings, and psychological traumas that haunt people for the rest of their lives. On the bright side, REACH also offers an olive branch of hope that can pave the way toward acceptance and personal empowerment.


Heavy though the subject matter may be, REACH is NOT a cliched, two dimensional cause film about the horrors of bullying, it is a multilayered character study about the wide ranging effects of a simple act of kindness.

The screenplay for REACH was developed over the course of two and a half years. It was the brainchild of co-star Johnny James Fiore. The concept was inspired by an experience Fiore had in high school, where he decided to include a known social outcast in a group project, which sparked a strong friendship thereafter. Fiore later learned that this student had intended to kill himself the same day the project was assigned, but decided not to thanks to Fiore's small gesture of kindness. Fiore was developing the concept with writing partner (and co-star) Grant Harling when he was cast in a commercial by producer Maria Capp. Fiore shared the idea for REACH with Capp, who found a personal connection with the material as the mother of three kids who experienced bullying in school and as an acting teacher with students also affected by abuse. She joined REACH as producer and also brought her talents to fleshing out the script. After multiple revisions and table reads, the screenplay was complete and the film was shot over the course of twelve days in April 2017.

With a multi-talented cast and crew at the helm, it is worth noting that a central component of REACH is the musical score by 15-year-old actor and composer Rio Mangini, who also has a small role in the film. In speaking about the score's placement in the film, Maria Capp said, "Music is such an integral part of being a teenager, and as such, it plays an extremely important role in REACH. The music and songs beautifully mesh with the film and its message."



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Bojesse Christopher and Garret Clayton 
APPROVED  PIC 2-page-001_edited.jpg
Garret Clayton and Johnny James Fiore 
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Garret Clayton and Raffaella Capp

REACH was the most challenging undertaking so far in Maria Capp's producing career. With a history in the entertainment industry spanning over two decades, Capp's set to take the indie world by storm with her production company, Cappricielli Inc. It is a multi-faceted network that produces movies, documentary films, theatre productions, web shows, and music videos. On top of REACH, Capp is in post-production on FIND AN IDENTITY, a documentary that explores the struggles kids face during their high school years. The thematic link between FIND AN IDENTITY and REACH will make it an ideal companion piece once it hits screens.


As for REACH, you can see it right now at a theater near you , Video On Demand, DVD and several streaming services.  Go to for updates.. The film's journey from concept to streaming platforms was long but fulfilling for everyone involved. Once editing was finalized, REACH had its world premiere at the Dances With Films film festival in June of 2018 where it was acquired by Freestyle Digital Media after direct negotiations from Maria Capp between Acquisitions Director, Rachel Koehler and Christian Meoli of Voltaire Media. Once the deal was struck, it received a limited theatrical release in selected cities by Voltaire Media and on a variety of digital streaming services as well as VOD on October 19, 2018. This release is notable because October is National Bullying Prevention month, which is an ideal time to introduce the message of REACH to the world

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Garret Clayton and Raffaella Capp 
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Garret Clayton and Johnny James Fiore
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Garret Clayton and Johnny James Fiore

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