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THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 Delivers Episodic Terror in Droves!

Samera Entertainment is proud to offer a quick glimpse at this horrific
anthology film from Midnight Releasing.

New to VOD, a death row inmate entertains a grim round of storytime before his ultimate demise in THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2, the terrifying new horror anthology from Midnight Releasing.


Directors Michael S. Rodriguez, Ricardo J. Vasquez, and Montgomery Dodson bring to life three twisted tales of horror framed around a notorious child murderer known as "Killer" Callahan (Mike Ferguson) as he awaits his fate. To kill time before his switch is flipped, Callahan converses with a confidant named Moses (Mel Novak), who reads him demented tales from a mysterious book. The stories that are told unfold on screen, and as each tale is told, a true reality is brought to light that reveals Killer Callahan's ultimate purpose by the end.

"The first Last American Horror Show was My Love Letter to Creepshow and Tales From the Crypt. Horror Show Vol. 2 is the Blood Soaked Second page of that letter."


-- Michael S. Rodriguez (co-director)

THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 also stars Maria Olsen, Donna Hamblin, Helene Udy, Timothy Patrick Quill, Lynn Lowry, Geovonna Casanova, and Tino Zamora. MSR Studios in association with Deep Murder Production’s LLC produced the film. Their previous collaboration was the original Last American Horror Show. This sequel promises double the scares and double the carnage.


"The Last American Horror Show Vol. 2 is really going to appeal to fans of Schlocky B-Movies as well as those that enjoy thought provoking thrills. It's a well balanced mixed bag practical FX Scares and articulated Suspense."


-- Michael S. Rodriguez (co-director)

You have a front row seat to all the thrills and chills of THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 because it is now available on VOD courtesy of Midnight Releasing.

"I've always loved anthology horror ever since the Twilight Zone days. This movie taps into that spirit and then some. The cast is uniformly strong and all the stories that are featured are definitely twisted. It's exactly the kind of film that Midnight Releasing was designed to showcase."


-- Darrin Ramage (CEO Midnight Releasing)


THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 is available now from Midnight Releasing. Keep clicking back for more updates on the latest horror releases, and be sure to follow Samera Entertainment for even more entertainment headlines.


To see the trailer for THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 click HERE


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Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.

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