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REMEMBER the name Sami Reynolds because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her after her latest offering in The Lotus. For those who do know her, Reynolds is a star on the rise. Her amazing performance in The Lotus has changed the way that women are cast in film.

Beauty may be one thing but talent is certainly another.

For director Jorge Nunez having Sami as part of the cast was a bonus and he, like many, is a convinced brighter days are ahead.


“Sami is a remarkable talent and she effectively chose herself for the film,” he said.


“From the beginning I realised there was something about her.

“I knew we had someone special on our hands here.                                         


Born and raised in Gun Barrel City, Texas, Reynolds moved to Dallas to attend KD College of Film and Dramatic arts. Since childhood, she had a passion for acting. To pursue her dreams she moved to LA January in 2015.


“I've always been passionate about performing my whole life,” Sami said.


“It started with theater and I have slowly been transitioning into the film/ commercial world.


“I've been very lucky to have the privilege to work with such a talented director as well as the cast. We really came together as a team and made things happen!”

Sami also had glowing praise for The Lotus director Jorge Nunez.


“He dealt with everyone like they were his friends and this is one of the reasons the cast and crew members respect and enjoy working with him,” she said.  


“He is amazing!”


The Lotus that was acquired by Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment and distributed by Black Wolf Media Group.

The Lotus is available on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Live,

Dish Network, Comcast and various VOD platforms.

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