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Millerd and Enslow Trailblazers for Film in the Central West

StartFast Productions owner and operator Adam Enslow and his film making producing partner Dane Millerd of Local Legends Entertainment are killing it. Not only has Enslow, a music teacher and musician by trade, launched his film production company StartFast Productions, he and Millerd also have two horror films on the slate both due for release in late 2018.

For Enslow especially, the progress has been meteoric with the lens man not only shooting and editing his first feature in Forbes, Death's Waiting Room, but also getting the green light to film with Millerd a clown based horror film called Are You Scared Yet? in the US with some of the most recognizable names in the genre. 

"Dane, my wife Chantel, his wife Amy and I have all been very busy," said Enslow.

“Everything has been developing quickly and it's exciting to be a part of it. We've teamed up with Sharry and Kevin Flaherty from Samera Entertainment and are finalising our funding as we speak - if anyone is interested in investing in it," he joked.

But first Enslow will continue to bring to life the eerie story of Death's Waiting Room, about a female English backpacker named Delilah (Leoni Leaver) who is offered a role as a maid at a haunted mansion called Wren's Nest by the psychotic owner Kit Fisk (Brendan Byrne). After a whirlwind romance things go awry between Delilah and Kit culminating in a deadly game of survival.

“We filmed on location at Carrawobitty Manor in April last year,” said Enslow.

“During the total of 12 days we employed 37 locals and numerous businesses.”

For Dane Millerd, the past year has been the culmination of nearly 20 years of chipping away in the local film industry which is as difficult to make a living from as it is to find distributors and investors for feature films.

“Less than five per cent of the Australian film industry is in active work at any one time so it's not easy despite what others may think.”

“My first film, There's Something In The Pilliga (Half Human in North America) took nine years to make and only 23 days all told were spent on a film set. That experience and process though has opened up doors for me and now Adam to produce films like Death's Waiting Room and Are You Scared Yet?,” said Millerd.

While Death's Waiting Room lent heavily on recognised Australian talent such as Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot), Brendan Byrne (There's Something In The Pilliga, Wyrmwood) and acclaimed singer Roshani Priddis as well as local Forbes talent, it is Are You Scared Yet? that is really attracting international attention for the Forbes based filmmaking duo.

Based on actual events and the story by Dane Millerd and Adam Enslow, Are You Scared Yet? is about a mysterious couple with unknown dark intentions that pay an unwelcome visit to a wealthy family at a remote lake house in Southern California.

So far the film has a who's who of the horror genre attached from Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile, X Files), Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects, Halloween), Mia Talerico (Good Luck Charlie - Disney Channel), Courtney Stodden (Big Brother USA), Roger Ward (Mad Max, Boar), Sean Patrick Flaherty (To Topple An Empire, Not Your Time), Victoria Ferrara (Houso's vs Authority, Beast No More) and Basil Hoffman (The Artist, Ordinary People). The film will be musically scored by Jason Turbin who did Ouija: Origin of Evil.

"We have more casting announcements to come that will blow people away," said Millerd.

"Can't wait to tell you all more and share in the excitement!"

Written By: Olivia Grace Curran

Forbes Advocate

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