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 Brenda Daly Host of

Reel Women Podcast

So-Cal native, Brenda Daly, can be found in front of and behind the big screen,

using her talents to empower and inspire those wanting to follow their dreams.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

Brenda Daly is a woman who has spent her life dedicated to the creative arts, building a name for herself through hardwork and dedication as singing eventually turned into writing and directing films.


She started off working on both sides of the screen, and her talent was eventually recognized by a peer who encouraged her to write and produce a short film called Unintended, which was later accepted into several film festivals.


From there, Brenda kept the creative ball rolling and jumped into her next project, a docuseries called Project 3000. This film was focused on the issues of teen homelessness in the Las Vegas Valley, a subject that she felt strongly about. Brenda’s work and passionate outlook on that series earned her recognition and an invite into the PGA Produced By Conference, which gives insight and information on film networks and how they function.

Brenda’s talents don’t stop there as she has continued to have an acting role in the award-winning micro series, Mom Squad. In 2021, she also starred in the two successful indie films Night of the Tommy Knockers and Abigail Haunting.

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While Brenda enjoys using her talents for acting on the big screen, her true passion lies with directing and creating films that have a strong message of empowerment, exclusivity and lessons to be learned. For her, film is a way to educate and inspire, which is why she has started a podcast and YouTube channel, called Reel Women, used to celebrate the females of the film industry.


For Brenda, the podcast’s mission is simple - inspire film lovers to think, dream and create. Whether someone is an aspiring filmmaker or someone who has experience, she wants to know the “why” and “how” behind their passion in the seventh art. Brenda brings on guests that have spent time behind and on screen, giving tips and advice to other aspiring creatives. Inspiring others to follow their dreams and not give up hope through entertainment and education - the driving force behind her podcast as well as her career.

If you’re interested in checking out Brenda’s podcast, Reel Women, hop over to her youtube channel here! She can also catch her in big screen films such as Unintended, Night of the Tommy Knockers, Project 3000 and Abigail Haunting.

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