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Memento Amare Composer Jason Turbin To Score

"Are You Scared Yet?"

On the back of some big cast announcements for the film which is still in development, including Doug Hutchison, Basil Hoffman, Roger Ward and Courtney Stodden, desert suspense/ horror/ thriller Are You Scared Yet? has welcomed Memento Amare composer Jason Turbin on board to score the film.

“Local Legends Entertainment, StartFast Productions and Samera Entertainment are pleased to be able to enlist the expert services of the multi‐talented creative mind of Jason for our new edgy suspense/ horror/ thriller Are You Scared Yet?” said Adam Enslow of StartFast Productions.

Turbin, who’s other credits include acclaimed film Oculus, NY Times critics choice Dementia, Linsanity, Life of Crime and most recently As I Wake featuring music from Oscar‐winner Danny Elfman, brings a great work ethic to go with vast musical talent.

“We are rapt to have someone like Jason involved,” said writer/ director/ producer, Dane Millerd of Local Legends Entertainment.
“It is amazing to be able to have this talented artist involved,” said Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment.

The film, which will be shot in the Nevada desert in 2017, also stars Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile, X Files and I Am Sam), screen legend Basil Hoffman (The Artist, Ordinary People and The Pineville Heist), Australian film icon Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot and Boar) and the multi talented actress and television star Courtney Stodden as the psychotic killer Sloan.

“We are extremely pleased how this is all coming together and adding talent like Jason to what is already a stellar line up of artists is incredible,” said Dane Millerd, who is also co‐producing a film called The Speckled Hen with Shoreline Entertainment on Australia’s worst female killer Katherine Knight.

Are You Scared Yet? is loosely based on the Keddie Cabin Murders and is a fresh twist and a worthy addition to the suspense/ horror genre. It will be Millerd’s fourth feature film after his widely acclaimed debut There’s Something In The Pilliga/ Half Human.

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