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red pil

Red Pill Brings Thrills And Murder To
A Liberals Getaway Weekend With Friends

Available on Video on Demand, Red Pill brings a dystopian political nightmare to life, brought
to you by
Midnight Releasing.

 Written by ~ Allison Salonko 

A movie with a message - Red Pill actress, writer and director, Tonya Pinkins, is a triple threat in this metaphorical murder thriller. Pinkins plays as Cass, a black American woman worried for her safety on the eve of another election.


“I feel like as black woman in America, we live in a very different world. We hear a lot in the news about black men being murdered by police and violence against black men, but that violence is equal against black women… I wanted to tell a story with the black female gaze on white America.” - Tonya Pinkins


Cass and her five friends travel together to canvas the newly blue state of Virginia. She is immediately put off by the strange vibes of the town they are staying in, with weird women standing on the streets wearing all black with an odd red symbol on their shirts. As this unusual situation begins to unfold, it is quite clear there is something not right.

Other cast members include Ruben Blades and Luba Mason, who play two of the traveling companions, a married couple named Rocky and Emelia, who are looking to have a surrogate child. Cass’s partner Bobby (Adesola Osakalumi) and her roommate Lily (Kathryn Erbe) are also with them, along with their friend Nick, played by Jake O’Flaherty.


The story unfolds to reveal a secret cultist organization looming in their quiet, countryside vacation town. While America undergoes the fight against politics and racism these six friends begin their survival against an even bigger evil.

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Tonya Pinkins unique representation of fear and uncertainty about the recent happenings in America’s fight for equality really brings forth a new and important outlook on life outside of being white.


“I want to invite people to look at the world through my eyes and to try to feel what I feel. Most people of color who have watched the film say that the violence isn’t the scary part, but it’s when nothing is happening.” - Tonya Pinkins


Pinkins teaches us in Red Pill that fear is a great reminder that there are far worse things than death.


This exciting new thriller comes to VOD on December 3rd thanks to Midnight Releasing

To see the trailer for RED PILL click HERE

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RED PILL  is now available from Midnight Releasing.

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