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Horror Movie Fan Creates BrownMint Horror

Horror friend, Jesse Browning, brings focus on horror movie
genre and indie films through BrownMint Horror.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

The horror genre is one that has millions of fans, and the indie horror film community is one that is growing by leaps and bounds. Fans and followers alike are ecstatic that there are more and more independent companies, interviewers and filmmakers bringing new and exciting content to the horror movie scene.

With all the new and different Indie movies, actors and producers that have popped up, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with it all! That's where fan and content creator, Jesse Browning from BrownMint Horror, brings in the bloody details with his "Behind the Horror" segments, where he interviews the actors, producers and others involved in Indie films, gathering more information about their inspiration and motivation regarding their characters and film style.

Bored one day at his retail job, Jesse decided with his best buddy Robert to figure out a way to share the love and build a community around horror. They built out the brand, BrownMint Horror as a way to pursue their passion in the spooky film genre. The passing of ten years, a pandemic and hundreds of hours of horror flicks later, the decision to go deeper and build a YouTube channel was decided.

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BrownMint reached out to mutual spooky lovers at Samera Entertainment to cover reviews and interviews for their movie distributing friends with Midnight Releasing. Their combined collaborations on indie film content allowed for BrownMint Horror to really take off and gain a following. In just one year, Brownmint have done recent interviews with actors such as David Oman, and writer/director, John Charles Gerald, who helped create the horror flick, Johnny.

The idea that BrownMint Horror and their collaboration with affiliates such as Samera Entertainment and Midnight Releasing is to bring a positive source of content and information in the horror community with a focus on indie horror." Promoting new indie film content is the driving idea and passion around BrownMint Horror. Jesse says that so many well known, cult classic movies from years ago started out as unknown indie flicks, and that he finds it fun and exciting to watch and review newer movies because, ... we never know, but just maybe we are shedding light on the next Halloween."

Jesse has big plans for the future, including growing the audience and filming a horror movie himself. His work with Midnight Releasing will continue to bring more notice and followers to the indie film scene and also allow for him to pursue his horror film-making dreams!









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