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Midnight Releasing Films On Tubi

Written by~ Allison Salonko

Are you tired of the same old stuff and looking for some fresh, new, spooky content to watch? Then check out Tubi, where you’re guaranteed to find exciting flicks to watch out of the dozens of genres and thousands of titles! There are many bloody movies to view, anywhere from zombie horror flicks to psychological thrillers or even serial thrasher movies.


The film distributor, Midnight Releasing, brings dozens of horror genre flicks to Tubi’s streaming platform. Most of them being hidden gems and indie films that many gore fans will find themselves enthralled in. You can find movies like Rebirth, which is a fun zombie flick that will keep you entertained as two brothers endure the worst day of their lives fighting off the undead.


Other titles like Lurking Woods and Cry Havoc revolve around a single mysterious killer that is hunting down our protagonists. These films will leave you on the edge of your seat as you watch and wait for the killer to find their prey, hoping that maybe a few of the characters survive.

The movie Agramon’s Gate is a four time award winner at several indie film festivals, keeping viewers excited and wondering what comes next in this suspenseful mystery about the demon Agramon welcoming himself to a haunt party.


If you’re looking for a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing, look for the title The Box. It is full of twists and turns as our protagonist, Tyler, is haunted by recurring dreams that eventually become a disturbing reality.


Don’t know what you want to watch? Well, these spooky, gory and highly watchable flicks are sure to bring horror fans hours of entertainment. Check Midnight Releasing’s movie content on Tubi. You won’t be disappointed!

Quit scrolling through your old streaming platform and check out a plethora of horror films on Tubi, brought to you by Midnight Releasing!




Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.

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