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Two Filmmakers Fight Poverty and Homelessness with TOMBSTONE PILLOW.

Young Filmmakers in Love, Aiming at Social Change with Hollywood's Elite

The 33x-award-winning short film Tombstone Pillow — which shines a light on the 6,000+ people who live in Manila's cemetery— screened at Allora Fest in Puglia, Italy on Friday, June 24, 2022 amongst Hollywood’s Icons. Directed by Los Angeles-based 55x award-winning filmmakers Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett of Dream Team Directors.

Tombstone Pillow just screened at Allora Fest in Puglia, Italy introduced by 3 time Academy Award nominee Edward Norton. The festival features talks with Hollywood actors and filmmakers Oliver Stone, Edward Norton, Matt Dillon, Jeremy Irons, Abel Ferrara, Marisa Tomei, Alfre Woodard, Sinéad Cusack, Jon Hamm, and more. World renowned journalist, Silvia Bizio, the Artistic Director of Allora Festival met Daniel and Bayou at the foreign Golden Globes and selected their film.

The husband and wife team of Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, committed to making films that change the world with social change messages are proud to have arrived at this level of cinematic recognition amongst their greatest icons.

Tombstone Pillow was inspired when Daniel and Bayou were working on location in Manila. Seeing thousands of people living amongst the tombs and gravestones had a profound impact on the duo. Instantly they knew their next film had to call attention to the circumstances endured by so many.

"There are thousands of families living in cemeteries, sleeping on tombs. Human beings deserve better, and film-making is the most powerful voice we know which has allowed us to help create change and awareness to this problem." – Bayou Bennett

Sharry Flaherty, head of Samera Entertainment acquired Tombstone Pillow for Bounty Films and it is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

"This is an important film that needs to be seen. I'm particularly passionate about it because I'm from the Philippines, so I felt I had a personal duty to bring attention to this terrible issue affecting the country." – Sharry Flaherty


Tombstone Pillow has garnered 33 awards and 43 nominations around the Globe.

Other recent transformational films by Dream Team Directors include Time is Eternal, celebrating the under-represented women who changed history, starring Vogue cover girl Berite Labelle with costumes designed by Wilford Lenov who has designed looks for pop stars such as Bebe Rexha, Katy Perry, Loren and Saweetie.

Their other film, Destination Angels, narrated by Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” follows a group of musicians retracing iconic writer, Jack Kerouac’s (On the Road) culture changing journey up the California Coast. Destination Angels just won Best Documentary at Cannes’s French Riviera Film Festival and Time is Eternal, nominated for 10 awards at the prestigious La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival screens July 30th, 2022.

Rent or Buy Tombstone Pillow on Amazon Prime.

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