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A Remarkable 2019 for London/Stroud Casting!

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Freaks won nine awards and acquired thirteen nominations in the festival circuit, including winning the Audience Award and Best Film at the Paris International Film Festival. Freaks was released nationwide in theaters in September and is currently the #1 best selling independent film streaming on iTunes. Go to iTunes to check out what io9 is calling, "A great independent X-men movie...packed with sprawling action." The DVD/Blu-ray is also available! Freaks was written and directed by Adam Stein and Canadian director, Zach Lipovsky.

Babysplitters, written and directed by Sam Friedlander, won the Jury Award for Best Feature at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and had its Los Angeles premiere at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. Working Man written and directed by Robert Jury won Best Narrative Feature at the Kansas City Film Festival.

Samera Entertainment applauds the accomplishments of London/Stroud Casting throughout this past year.

Another film, Centurion, a modern-day inspirational story set in the world of dancing Spanish War horses brings awareness to a life-threatening disease, APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia). Centurion was directed by five-time Emmy nominated cinematographer Dana Gonzales and is currently in post-production.

Gonzales had this to say about London/Stroud Casting, "The cast was perfect! The movie was so much better than I thought it would be and you both elevated the project with your casting."

Switched was written by Alexandra Boylan, Andrea Polnaszek and John K.D. Graham. Graham directed this film about cyberbullying and stars Madeleine Byrne, Miya Horcher, Denise Richards, John Schneider and co-stars Instagram and YouTube personalities Vanessa Merrill and Chelsea Crockett.

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The Cast of The Virgin of Highland Park with Director Sonia Sebastian

L-S Photo 2.jpg

The Cast & Crew of Random Acts with Director Todd Holland & Writer-Producer Andrea Abbate 

The Virgin of Highland Park, written and directed by award-winning Spanish director Sonia Sebastian, is currently being filmed in Los Angeles and stars Penelope Ann Miller, Dermot Mulroney and Jamie-Lynn Sigler plus up and coming actors Jessica Treska, Ethan Herisse (When They See Us), Miska Calderon, Tyler Dichara and TC Carter.  

The short comedy pilot, Random Acts, was cast for three-time Emmy Award-winning director Todd Holland and writer/producer Andrea Abbate and is currently being pitched to several streaming channels. The pilot stars Jason Biggs, Jonathan Sadowski, Cassie Hernandez, and Emily Durrett. 

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The Cast of Babysplitters with Lisa London & Catherine Stroud

L-S Photo 4.jpg

Catherine Stroud & Lisa London with Actress Esther Povitsky

London/Stroud Casting worked with director Nicholas Goossen, who they have cast numerous projects for, including the cult classic Grandma’s Boy. The Comedy Central Special, cast by London/Stroud and directed by Goossen stars the uber-talented actress and comedian Esther Povitsky. It will air in 2020.

London/Stroud Casting wants to thank all the writers, producers and directors they have collaborated with and look forward to a prosperous new year. Happy Holidays!

To book London Stroud Casting for your upcoming project, contact Sharry Flaherty at

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