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Andrew Bernard 

An Acting Renaissance Man

Written by Nick Murphy
Andrew Bernard

An actor’s process is a mysterious thing. There is no end to the approaches one can take when getting into the mindset of a character. For Andrew Bernard, his is an approach backed by a history of rigorous training and expert-level education. He has worked in multiple aspects of production both behind the scenes and on-screen. However, he is mostly known for his presence in front of the camera as a dramatic and comedic performer. Andrew’s provided his talents to television shows, stage productions, and independent film projects. He is a gifted interviewer, presenter, and host. When it comes to actors, he is a very professional and dedicated performer.

Andrew has trained all over the world. At London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, he specialized in mastering the Meisner technique and the Stanislavsky method. He frequented additional classes at The Actors Centre and The Actors Temple in London. On the other side of the world, Andrew continued his education at both Amy Lyndon’s and Anthony Meindl’s acting labs in Los Angeles, California. Throughout his education, Andrew learned how to devise ways to create scenes and productions with continuous character development and improv to test a performer’s endurance. Andrew also perfected numerous vocal dialects and became well versed in basic dance, stage combat, and the combination of script writing and direction.

Not to limit himself to just one set of skills, Andrew Bernard’s abilities go far beyond that of the traditional actor. Other areas Andrew has found interest in include: Professional horse riding, qualified scuba diving, and both motorcycle and car racing. He has also dabbled in numerous additional hobbies like Basketball, tennis, skeet shooting, archery, and both the handling and welfare of animals. When he isn’t acting, Andrew finds relaxation riding his horse, Dakota.

Andrew’s list of television credits can go for a mile long. Amongst those appearances, Andrew has been featured as a presenter on the British based shopping network QVC Ideal World and currently presents on TJC style part of the American shop LC group. He was also the host of many Do-It-Yourself television programs including Welcome Home TV, Cool Tools, Tron Direct, and The Chris Grundy Show. Added to this, Andrew has an extensive resume of voice work on television. Narrating programs such as International Care and Relief, Race Day Special, and Exakt Tools. Andrew also has an extensive list of infomercial and commercial credits.

 Andrew Bernard Photo 1
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In the world of independent film, Andrew has appeared in a litany of short subjects. He also played the role of Professor John Williams in the feature film Lords Don’t Lie directed by Han-Jurgen Togel. He performed the character of Dragon Old Boy in Innocent from directors Helen Blizzard and Guy Holloway.

Throughout accumulating all the above-mentioned credits, Andrew has a long history of stage presentations during corporate functions as well as many theatrical performances. Among those credits, he was an arena presenter at the 2013 International Builders Show, he was a host at the 2014 Blacktower Barcelona FM seminar, and he has presented at many conventions in the Las Vegas area.

While based in the United Kingdom, Andrew’s visa permits him to work in the USA, and his SAG/AFTRA status confirms that he is a performer of considerable professionalism and unlimited talent. Taking his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience into account, it cannot be argued that Andrew Bernard is a charismatic force to be reckoned with.

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