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The Dream Team Directors Use Innovation to Change the World

Written by Nick R. Murphy of Cinema Trends
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As technology continues to grow and transform throughout the 21st century, media grows and transforms along with it. In the capable hands of married film-making duo, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, they have used the evolving technological landscape as the foundation for their groundbreaking work. Their efforts have set the stage for the next revolution of multimedia promotion, and laid the groundwork for worldwide cultural change.

Founded in 2007, Dream Team Directors hit their stride right away with a mix of humor and genuine imagination. Unhindered energy brought forth a flurry of fantastic ideas that were executed with both precision and beauty. Their unique style allowed them to accomplish in a single year what most artists wait their entire lives to attain. The motto of this company exemplifies their mission: “Let our dream team manifest your dream.” This objective has yielded incredible results, leading them to acquire high-profile celebrity clients. Brands they have worked with include: MTV, Coldplay, Atlantic Records, Chrome Hearts, City Harvest, Whole Planet, amongst countless others. The positive effects of their collaborative partnerships has taken Dream Team Directors to places they would never dare to envision during their humble beginnings.



Bayou Bennett has always followed her intuition in the name of big dreams. This aspiration has taken her from the rural town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas to the metropolis of New York City. It was there where she found her footing as a professional dancer, and inevitably became the first woman to teach in the media studies department of the Parsons School of Art and Design. Through her tenure, her artistic integrity was nurtured to prepare her for the path she and her husband, Daniel Lir, were about to embark upon with their future business endeavors.

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Bayou and Daniel joined together to cultivate their creative outlook. They wanted to fashion an approach that made them stand out from the crowd, working hard to determine what they wanted to be known for. Soon they realized the profound impact that filmmaking could have on the world. And with the establishment of Dream Team Directors, their intentions were set in stone. This has led to collaborations with the likes of Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, Golden Globe nominee Anthony Mackie, pop punk legend Billy Idol, and viral sensation Lindsey Stirling. Their work has received a heaping of praise from critics, plus numerous accolades, including two Telly Awards and fifteen prizes at film festivals from around the world.

Tombstone Pillow is the latest film in their repertoire, and it is positioned as one of their strongest projects yet. The film premiered as an Oscar qualifying entry at the LA Shorts festival, and went on to win Best Drama at the ICP Shorts Series in New York, New York. The film was inspired after a trip to the Philippines, where Bayou and Daniel discovered more than 6,000 families living amongst the tombs of a Manila cemetery. The conditions were horrible and unendurable, the Dream Team Directors had to bring this to the attention of the masses. So they made a call to one of their past collaborators, Mumbai filmmaker Fraser Scott, to craft an amazing story that would educate the public on the squalor these people were in, and help make better lives for them.

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The goal with Tombstone Pillow now is to present the film to the mayor of Manila in an effort to relocate these families to an environment more suitable for human habitation. The Dream Team Directors screened the film in its shooting location of Manila on February 23, 2019, where it was a finalist at the Asian Cinematography Awards. It went on to open at the Dolby Theater during the NYC International Film Festival on March 23, 2019. There it received nominations for Best Actress (Lourdes Baron, who also executive produced), Best Director, and Best Short Film. Currently, it is an Official Selection at the 2020 ARFF Amsterdam Around International Film Festival. This is a tremendous fate for an important film meant to trigger great social change.


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The honorable mission of Dream Team Directors continues unabated in an ambitious pursuit to promote products and spread public awareness. They are always on the lookout for their next great collaboration. So if you need a powerful way to bring attention to your brand or product so it can both entrance and romance your consumers, be sure to contact Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir of Dream Team Directors at: You’ll be glad you did.


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