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The Indie Flix Podcast

Indianapolis natives Kelly Miller and Alan Wills bring witty banter and captivating chemistry to indie horror movie reviews on The Indie Flix Podcast.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

If you’re looking for a podcast that goes over indie films and has some super fun and personable content creators, then you need to check out The Indie Flix Podcast by Kelly Miller and Alan Wills. This dynamic duo has a wicked entertaining vibe that will keep you smiling and laughing as you hear them bouncing witty comments and humor off of each other the entire time.


Kelly and Alan are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Kelly has spent many years proving her talents as a singer and stage performer, even taking the win in Belt It Out Indy four different times! Alan combines his love for movies and Kelly’s passion for making indie filmmakers shine, working well together to bring humor and witty banter to the podcast, cracking each other up with their well-timed jokes and excellent chemistry.


When Alan isn’t dishing out jokes and movie knowledge with his co-host Kelly, he can be found spending his time as an indie filmmaker as well! Alan has spent 8 years shaping his company Steel Edge Entertainment and fulfilling his passion of movie making.

Alan and Kelly keep a dynamic pace of entertainment and laughter as they interview actors such as Johnny Alonso and Kayla Perkins, who are both talented and well respected among the indie film industry. These honest and heart-felt movie reviews and interviews will be sure to keep you entertained!


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While neither Kelly or Alan want to sugarcoat things, they are also great at hyping up the movies and professionals that they observe and meet with. They have dozens of movie reviews on The Indie Flix Podcast, talking about films like Harvey, Hacksaw and Unsheltered, giving honest opinions on the acting, characters and plot points. Even movies with sensitive subject matters, like Apartment 407, can be found on their podcast, discussing a difficult issue in an important light.


These two are huge fans of all things movie and performance and they specialize in reviewing and discussing indie films specifically. As a small and niche part of the movie industry, indie films can sometimes be overlooked. This platform helps fans of the genre know what new movies have hit the scene as well as promote the fresh and upcoming indie directors, producers and writers.


Looking for some new movie material to keep yourself busy and entertained, but aren’t sure what there is to watch? Don’t hesitate to check out the dynamic and hilarious duo, Kelly Miller and Alan Wills, on their spotify channel, The Indie Flix Podcast!



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