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LOCKDOWN 2025 is a Fearful Vision of Pandemic Hysteria in a Post COVID World


Written By ~ Nick R. Murphy
Cinema Trends

Samera Entertainment gives us a sneak peak at this suspenseful futuristic thriller coming soon from Midnight Releasing.

Coming to VOD in 2021, the world is up against a deadly virus that threatens to destroy the world in LOCKDOWN 2025, a terrifying urban pandemic drama from Midnight Releasing.

Lockdown 2025 finds the United States in the throes of chaos and martial law sparked by the outbreak of a highly contagious fever with life shattering consequences. The events of the film center on a regular everyday normal family, who shelter themselves inside their home, only to find there's no getting away from the end of the world.

Lockdown 2025 stars Tim Plummer, Marcus Tark, and Cosey M Parker. It is written and directed by Michael Sean Hall. CEO of Midnight Releasing, Darrin Ramage is excited to announce the inclusion of Lockdown 2025 in their 2021 roster, and says:

"Lockdown 2025 explores the idea that many people might not be prepared for a life of perpetual fear, as in the world portrayed in the film. It's an emotionally supercharged 'what if' scenario."

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Lockdown 2025 answers the question, What if the end of the world was knocking on your front door? The answers are riveting, confounding, and altogether haunting. You can find out the answers when Lockdown 2025 comes to VOD later in 2021 courtesy of Midnight Releasing.

Attention bloggers, horror magazines, and freelance writers, for follow up interviews with the cast and crew, be sure to contact Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment at: or


Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.


Sharry Flaherty CEO and Founder of Samera Entertainment is a seasoned and well known film producer and Acquisitions Executive for Midnight Releasing. Samera consults with filmmakers on their projects that are either in development, pre-production or post-production. Filmmakers are welcome to submit their horror and thriller titles to:  or


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