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JOHNNY Unleashes a Madhouse of
Insanity to Viewers Everywhere! 

 Samera Entertainment gives you an inside glimpse at the new thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Now available on VOD, the demons in the mind of a social parasite come out to roost in JOHNNY, a powerful new psychodrama from Midnight Releasing. 

John Charles Gerard writes, directs, and stars as Floyd, a soft spoken outcast tormented by a traumatic past who's only trying to get by one day at a time. However, his plans for a peaceful life go right out the window when he encounters a creepy ventriloquist dummy who answers to the name Johnny. As this demented tale unfolds, we soon learn that Johnny the dummy has a terrifying link to Floyd's abusive childhood, and when all's said and done, nothing will ever be the same.

"I made the puppet appear in a passive way as a "soft introduction" to leave the audience wanting more because I want to make a second film. Once there is some momentum, I'll make a very active puppet comeback story where Johnny goes nuts! Like a modern Chucky"


-- John Charles Gerald

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Johnny also stars Gary Quart, Joshua Kingsbury, Carlos Proa, and Nick Gerald as Young Floyd. John Charles Gerard was a jack-of-all-trades throughout the making of the film. Gerard also produced, composed the music, and designed the sound mix utilizing all the tricks he learned while earning a degree in sound engineering.



"Working on Johnny was an interesting experience. The puppet freaked all of us out and we even heard voices on set filming at 3am. I needed therapy after completion to cleanse from my character. 'Kubrick Gerald' we called our director as a friendly joke when his obsession with perfection was evident"  


-- Gary Quart (who plays Gary Norm)

All told, it took Gerard six years to put together Johnny, a passion project with pure visceral energy mixed with nuanced subtext that rewards the audience during multiple viewings. 


"John Charles Gerard's unique voice as a filmmaker is what really makes Johnny pop as a movie. There's an incredible precision to how he tells the story on screen. I'm excited people will now have a chance to check it out."


-- Darrin Ramage (CEO Midnight Releasing)

The terror of Johnny now comes home to VOD  on November 5, courtesy of Midnight Releasing. Be sure to follow Samera Entertainment for all the latest news on the hottest releases. 

To see the trailer for Johnny click HERE

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JOHNNY  is now available from Midnight Releasing.

Attention bloggers, horror magazines, and podcasters, for follow up interviews with the cast and crew, be sure to contact Sharry Flaherty of Samera Entertainment at:
m or


Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.


Sharry Flaherty CEO and Founder of Samera Entertainment is a seasoned and well known film producer and Acquisitions Executive for Midnight Releasing. Samera consults with filmmakers on their projects that are either in development, pre-production or post-production. Filmmakers are welcome to submit their horror and thriller titles to: or


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