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Leila Almas lights up the screen in

"The Summoning"

Written By
Nocturnal Newz
Nycolle Buss

Directed by Alberto G. Rodriguez and starring Leila Almas, The Summoning is the story of a young lawyer who is working on the case of her friend’s sudden disappearance.  Almas lights up the screen in a stirring performance that already has many talking and she is a breath of fresh air at a time when Hollywood is crying out for more up-and-coming talent.

Leila Almas started acting at a very young age. Most of the people say that she started to appear on the screen when she was in diapers. Both of Almas parents were involved in the entertainment industry and met while pursuing successful careers. While she was a child, her father used the VHS video camera to shoot her videos in which she is acting in different scenes. It was this early introduction to film that set the path for Almas and inevitably has lead many to tout her as ‘the next big thing’.

She has been immersed in the art since the very beginning having grown up in Cincinnati and then lived in Houston for many years, but Leila never changed her dreams of becoming a part of the film industry. It was in the blood.

She has been participating in music and theater and assured to maintain her reign as the first chair violinist in the class. She is also an accomplished dancer.

Almas credits inspirations such as Lucille Ball, Meryl Streep, and Elizabeth Taylor and she is a huge fan of Agatha Christie and Neil Simon. She has worked with many renowned actors that includes a who’s who of Tinseltown. Yet she is the first to admit that it is her supportive husband - the talented actor, director, producer Jaime Zevallos, who encourages her in every way that has helped her most.

The Summoning is the first film in which she has been cast as the lead role and it seems like she has taken the job very seriously.

Almas plays Rachel and it is her character’s perseverance that Leila admires about her. Sharing her views about the character of Rachel, Leila said, “Despite all the obstacles and opposition she faced from the police, she continued her pursuit of unearthing the truth – all while still studying hard to get straight-A’s in law school.”

According to Leila, Alberto has been great because he was very laid back and created a healthy environment for all actors. All the cast members were called for meetings before filming to assure that they can understand the meaning and vision of the story.

The Summoning was filmed in Houston and the entire story is been based on a real event.

“It all starts with the script,” said Leila.

“You have to ensure that you understand the character and try to become your role.

“I don’t want even a single scene to seem artificial during the shoot.”

For the hard work and dedication of Leila, it is clear that he has a bright future. She is already working on two feature-length scripts.

“Most recently, I was on the TV show Gotham (FOX) and just wrapped a national commercial.”


The sky really is the limit for Leila Almas!

The Summoning Trailer

Leila Almas Demo Reel

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