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Frida Farrell is an accomplished and fearless, actress, singer, writer, and activist who stopped by to talk with Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles about Apartment 407

Discussing music and songwriting, her own experience of sex-trafficking and her path to acceptance and activism, and what is next for this unstoppable “Survivor.”


Jaime Zevallos’ ME YOU AND FIVE BUCKS is a Perfect Display of Never Ending True Love

Jaime Zevallos is one of those inspirational personalities who never wait for the opportunity to come knocking at their door. They just grab the moment and turn it into an opportunity. Every day many talented individuals come and leave the entertainment industry only because they do not have the patience to wait for an opportunity.


Leila Almas Lights up the Screen in "The Summoning"

Directed by Alberto G. Rodriguez and starring Leila Almas, The Summoning is the story of a young lawyer who is working on the case of her friend’s sudden disappearance.  Almas lights up the screen in a stirring performance that already has many talking and she is a breath of fresh air at a time when Hollywood is crying out for more up-and-coming talent.


"Death Note" a Shaw  Thing

THE words Anime and live-action rarely go together but for budding filmmaker and auteur Nik Shaw this ideology normally firmly entrenched in fandom fantasy land has just become an intriguing reality.


Millerd and Enslow Trailblazers for Film in the Central West

StartFast Productions owner and operator Adam Enslow and his film making producing partner Dane Millerd of Local Legends Entertainment are killing it. Not only has Enslow, a music teacher and musician by trade, launched his film production company StartFast Productions, he and Millerd also have two horror films on the slate both due for release in late 2018.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Composer Jason Turbin To Score

"Are You Scared Yet?"

On the back of some big cast announcements for the film which is still in development, including Doug Hutchison, Basil Hoffman, Roger Ward and Courtney Stodden, desert suspense/ horror/ thriller Are You Scared Yet? has welcomed Ouija: Origin of Evil composer Jason Turbin on board to
score the film.


Rob Dyrdek rolls into THE RED BOOTH this Saturday night!

Rob Dyrdek has taken the world by storm as a record setting skateboarder, entrepreneur, and television personality. His viral video show RIDICULOUSNESS has hit the MTV airwaves for a fresh season with guests like Steve O from Jackass, Cody Garbrandt of the UFC, and Olympic medalists such as Adam Rippon and Chloe Kim. This Saturday night, Dyrdek takes some time to talk in THE RED BOOTH with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.


Millerd Bringing Aussie Legend to the World

When found footage Bigfoot film Half Human was released in North America in February 2016 it came on the back of a strong limited theatrical release in home country Australia where it toured 30 locations for 45 screenings throughout 2015. Known as There's Something In The Pilliga down under, Half Human has been a strong performer in the US especially despite the bevvy of Bigfoot films in existence and it shows no signs of slowing down.


Queen of Kings: Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist

It has all the makings of a rags-to-riches feature Hollywood movie script but first was made into a documentary. The story of Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist is one of a kind and if it doesn’t melt your heart nothing will. Writer/ Producer and Director Yaniv Rokah spoke exclusively to Samera Entertainment about the critically acclaimed film.


Gabriel Campisi Horror King Producer

I know it sounds cliché because so many people in the industry my age claim the same thing, but watching Star Wars in 1977 was what originally sparked something inside me to want to create and tell stories. My young mind was literally blown away when I watched that movie. It changed me forever.


Australians "There's Something in the Pilliga", Now Available on Ozflix.

The film, which had a limited theatrical release in Australia and has since been distributed in North America by Black Wolf Media, is about two men and the two girls they meet at the local pub on New Year's Eve before they venture into the Pilliga Forest to continue the partying and see an old hermit friend when chaos ensues. 


Jon Matthews’ “KHALI THE KILLER” to Premiere at  PORTLAND  FILM  FESTIVAL  2017

Writer/Director Jon Matthews’ captivating drama, "Khali the Killer", is making it’s USA World Premiere screening at the Portland Film Festival 2017 on Saturday, November 4, 2017, 9:30 PM– 11: 30 PM at the Laurelhurst Theater, 2735 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214.


Darryl Dougherty Highlighted Performance in 

The Pineville Heist

"The Pineville Heist" is the latest film from director, Lee chambers, co-written with Todd Gordon.  The film's credible performances are highlighted by Darryl Dougherty as Officer Carl Smith, known for his debut performance portrayal of River Phoenix in The Final 24 when he started his career in 2006. 


Nothing Grim About the Future for Lauren

ASK anyone about talented young actress Lauren Grimson and a number of superlatives come to mind - amazing, incredible and driven to name but a few. But one look at her body of work along with the raft of testimonials and it's easy to see why the Australian actress has the world at her feet. Many pundits have her touted as one of the next big things however Grimson remains firmly focused on simply getting better and building on her burgeoning reputation.


WTF! Inspires Director Peter Herro

Dane Millerd of Samera Entertainment/ Local Legends Entertainment enjoys a Q and A sessions with Writer, Director Peter Herro discussing his Horror/Comedy feature WTF! What inspires him and the advice he can offer to other Indie filmmakers.


Me You and Five Bucks’ Editor Karbis Sarafyan Talks About The Art of Film Editing

Karbis Sarafyan is a young and hip Armenian-American producer, director and editor who is perhaps best known for his work on Ventura Boulevard (2017).  Another project that will captivate audiences is his work in Take Point (2017). Not only is he the producer and editor of this film, but he also plays the role of ‘Manns’.  The film is about a recruit who is deployed to Iraq and decides to stop on his way to base to call his father and run to Mexico but before he is able to make the call, someone calls him. The person on the other end changes everything.


It Is Time To Bring Back The Horror With "Living

Among Us" Director Brian A. Metcalf

Vampires are about to make themselves public again in “Living Among Us”. The horror film has been written and directed by Brian Metcalf. The talented cast includes the late actor, John Heard (Home Alone), Ian Thomas Nicholas (American Pie), Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You) and Esmé Bianco (Game of Thrones). Metcalf understands the importance of the great acting skills, he feels Blessed to have the chance to work with such amazing and talented personalities.


Thomas Ian Nicholas Talks About "Living Among Us" to Samera Entertainment

SF: What are your thoughts on your characters personality? Strengths? Weaknesses? 


TN:The character of Mike is very different from myself in real life. Brian A. Metcalf wanted me to embody a very abrasive type of person. One that would be willing to put him and his crew in harms way just to get the story. It's his own ego of wanting to capture the truth that puts their lives in danger. He's also a person who doesn't believe anyone until he can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. 


KENTO Matsunami Has Had A Cyclonic Rise.

From acting school in Santa Monica to starring in shorts and now feature films, the Tokyo native is one to watch in 2018. His new short in the experimental short Death Note by Nik Shaw is further proof of how far his come and a strong sign of where he is heading. Recently we caught up with Kento to discuss his latest project.

Audrea Topps-Harjo: Creating Movie Magic

BORN in Washington D.C. the Howard Univeristy film graduate was nominated for a Student Academy Award in 1993 for her thesis film Hard Candy. This only paved the way to bigger things and an untapped potential many always knew she had. Since then she has gone on to work at acclaimed visual effect organisation WETA Digital and worked on films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Starship Troopers, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Avengers and The Hobbit. Audrea was kind enough to catch up with us and have a chat about her distinguished career. 

Michael Emery Offers Humor and Heart to Nonprofit Autism Drama, Randy's Canvas

Michael Emery has led a storied career throughout the last decade, taking on various roles in movies and television. With his role in Randy's Canvas, Emery brings his special brand of charisma to this touching story of an autistic artist who falls in love for the first time. Co-written and directed by Sean Michael Beyer, Randy's Canvas explores the realities of autism without resorting to cliche or exaggeration. Many disorders on the autism spectrum have been covered on screen before in unrealistic and contrived ways, but Randy's Canvas promises to depict the condition in a truthful and positive light. The filmmakers worked closely with The Autism Project in Rhode Island to ensure authenticity in the portrayal of autism on film.

Death Goes Viral in The Lotus, a Post Apocalyptic Thrill Ride from the Mind of Jorge Nunez

Hitting Video On Demand March 6th, The Lotus brings the dangers of biochemical technology center stage, as a man made virus ravages the world, leaving few survivors in its wake. Writer and director, Jorge Nunez infuses his film with flourishes of tech savvy sci-fi mixed with bursts of blood splattering horror. More than enough to please any fan of the genre. 

The Atoning by Michael Williams is Going to be in Your Nightmares For a Long  Time

People are born with talent but there are only a few individuals can be called a complete package. Michael Williams is a director, writer and cinematographer with his recent film The Atoning.


Byrne Lighting Up The Screen

BRENDAN Byrne is not just an actor on the rise, he is also making his mark as a writer and producer. Then the star of "THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE PILLIGA"  recently stopped by for a chat with Samera Entertainment.


The Sun is Shining For Wild Bunch Rock and Brenda Whitehead

The time is almost here for yet another exciting edition of the Sunny Side Up Film Festival so our Film & Entertainment Correspondent Melissa Salinas sat down with film producer and festival founder Rock Whitehead – one half of the dynamic duo that includes actress  and screenwriter Brenda Whitehead.

To The Beat: Jillian Clare and Susan Bernhardt, The Hollywood Mother-Daughter Duo You Need to Know About!

After hearing the constant buzz swirling around the recently released, hit upcoming dance film, To the Beat!, I thought it would only be fitting to talk to the mother-daughter duo who dreamed up and directed the passion based project, actress/producer/director Jillian Clare and writer/producer Susan Bernhardt. Discussing here everything from: the inspiration of the film, their own separate careers and upcoming projects, their relationships with the cast and what’s next for the dynamic duo. Read the full interview right here exclusively from Samera Entertainment written by Chloe Brown of Chloe's Chronicles


Call Me By Your Name Movie Review

When watching the preview for the 2017 film, “Call Me By Your Name” many might pass it off as just another romance movie, but it went on to surpass all those preconceived notions in terms of character development and poignant lessons on not only life but personal growth, love, heartbreak, time and the beauty of it all.When watching the preview for the 2017 film, “Call Me By Your Name” many might pass it off as just another romance movie, but it went on to surpass all those preconceived notions in terms of character development and poignant lessons on not only life but personal growth, love, heartbreak, time and the beauty of it all.


Sean Gilchrist Joins the Journey to Unite Hollywood and China's Movie Markets

The landscape of filmmaking is in a state of constant change, and it has never been more clear than it is now. The tide is turning at a rapid pace. With the dominance of streaming sites, and with less people willing to spend a couple hours in the dark at their local cineplex, the process of making and distributing motion pictures has become increasingly complex. 


Todd Tucker on THE RED BOOTH this weekend

Samera Entertainment and Druid Pictures are excited to have makeup effects wizard Todd Tucker on this week’s episode of THE RED BOOTH with pinup-style host Kimberly Q.

The Creative Journey of "Life in Color"

Directed by Bishal Dutta, and co-written by Dutta and Matt McClelland, “Life In Color” stars Bart McCarthy as a closeted gay man suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Comedy Sensation Tiffany Haddish and Brian Hooks Star in the Thought-Provoking New Film About When Life Doesn't Go as Planned, "All Between Us"

Vision Films, Lakeside Pictures, and Samera Entertainment are proud to present 'All Between Us', the new comedy/drama that explores the relationship imperfections among family and friends in the most entertaining of ways. Available on DVD/VOD on June 5.


Samera Entertainment and Druid Pictures present prolific musical artist Jay Gore on THE RED BOOTH this weekend with pinup style host Kimberly Q

On May 19th, recording artist and expert guitarist Jay Gore takes a seat in THE RED BOOTH with host Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can also be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.


Ivonna Cadaver on the RED BOOTH This Weekend!

Samera Entertainment and Druid Pictures proudly present Macabre Theatre host Ivonna Cadaver on THE RED BOOTH this Saturday night with Kimberly Q!

Brian Hooks Fires Off the Jokes in 'ALL BETWEEN US'!  

Coming June  5th to DVD and VOD

Samera Entertainment and Lakeside Pictures, in partnership with Vision Films are proud to present the release of this hilarious new comedy!

Nothing  Half-Hearted  About  Sami  In  "The  Lotus"

REMEMBER the name Sami Reynolds because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her after her latest offering in The Lotus. For those who do know her, Reynolds is a star on the rise. Her amazing performance in The Lotus has changed the way that women are cast in film.

Calvin The II Breaks Onto the Scene in the RED BOOTH This Weekend

Calvin Winbush aka Calvin The II hops into THE RED BOOTH this Saturday night, June 9th with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can also be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Italian Film & Television Star Massi Furlan Makes his Mark in Hollywood

This time on The Chloe Chronicles, I had a chance to chat with Italian actor Massi Furlan about his new projects: Randy’s Canvas, Private Notes, and Experiment 77. As well as, his career highlights thus far, we also spoke about the difference between producing and acting, the foreign film industry and what he is looking to do next. Check out the full interview exclusively right here on Samera Entertainment!

The Enduring Legacy of Basil Hoffman

The storied career of veteran performer Basil Hoffman is the stuff of modern legend. With a collection of over a hundred credits in film and television accumulated throughout the better part of five decades, Hoffman’s path as an actor is one to be celebrated and respected by young and old alike.

Power to the Young Filmmakers

The focus put on business over art in recent years has made it difficult for up-and-coming artists, musicians, filmmakers, and overall entertainers to realize their creative ambitions and reach larger mass audiences. This is the story of the people behind the scenes who give indie artists the chance for growth and recognition. The headline event for the 2017 All Gaucho Reunion, Wasting Time: The Music at the Heart of Isla Vista,  sparked a seismic movement in the indie film industry - one that proves the cemented status quo, otherwise.

Kate Quigley laughs it up on THE RED BOOTH this weekend!

This Saturday night, actress, standup, TV host, and podcaster Kate Quigley brings herself to THE RED BOOTH for a one on one with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Sharknado Director Anthony C. Ferrante Dives Into THE RED BOOTH This Weekend!

The SHARKNADO series has been ruling the airwaves on SyFy for the last five years. And Anthony C. Ferrante has been the man behind the camera for every single film in the franchise, directing big names like Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, and Vivica A. Fox to name a few. Ferrante sits in THE RED BOOTH this weekend with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America, and can be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.


Director Jerry London Releases His Biography - From I Love Lucy to Shogun ... and Beyond: Tales From the Other Side of the Camera

Iconic film and television director Jerry London released his biography From I Love Lucy to Shogun ... and Beyond: Tales From The Other Side Of The Camera, which is making a splash in Hollywood.

As one of the most prolific directors in Hollywood, London’s career spanned over 40 years and saw him direct more than 350 episodic television shows including "Hogan’s Heroes," "Partridge Family," "Brady Bunch," "Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Kojak," "Six Million Dollar Man," "Rockford Files" and "Happy Days," to name a few.


Adam Carbone shines as the title character in the inspiring autism drama, RANDY'S  CANVAS

Acting is not always a walk in the park. While the average person might view an actor as a jester that specializes in make believe, the reality is far more intricate. True actors never simply dawn a costume and pretend to be someone else. True actors absorb their characters, they learn what makes them tick, and they discover aspects of their personalities that are not quite clear on the pages of a script. 

The Versatile Vision of Harley Wallen

Harley Wallen is an actor, writer, and director with an enduring passion for bringing stories to the screen. 2018 has brought no less than three of his films to the VOD scene with many more around the corner. His persistence has paid off, giving him the opportunity to direct screen legends such as Tom Sizemore (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, HEAT) John Savage (THE DEER HUNTER, THE THIN RED LINE), and cult figures such as Tara Reid (AMERICAN PIE), Richard Tyson (KINDERGARTEN COP) and Dennis Haskins (SAVED BY THE BELL).

Snapshots Brings Love and Life Into Focus

Samera Entertainment talks about the new hit film SNAPSHOTS with the film’s writer Jan Corran and what’s next to come for her and her plans for future projects. Make sure to keep reading this Chloe Chronicle’s Q&A for all the exciting details!

Maria Capp brings insight and personal experience to REACH, a gripping and socially conscious drama now available at a theatre near you!

REACH examines multiple sides of bullying. From the backhanded remarks kids make to each other at school to the physical violence at home that infects both the bullies and the bullied. It is a deconstruction of the seeds that lead to suicide, school shootings, and psychological traumas that haunt people for the rest of their lives. On the bright side, REACH also offers an olive branch of hope that can pave the way toward acceptance and personal empowerment.

Brain parasites from the deep bring doom to humanity in

BLACK WAKE from producer Carlos Keyes!

From the depths of the worst Lovecraftian nightmare emerges a creeping black sludge that possesses the mind and controls the body if anyone is exposed to it. This is the horror that sparks the flame that engulfs BLACK WAKE, a modern hybrid of terror from the most classic of influences.

Fruits of the imagination come to frightening life in UNWRITTEN the new thriller from writer/director Dale Neven!

An isolated bookstore in the desert serves as the battleground between creator and creation. However, all may not be what it appears in the supernatural thriller UNWRITTEN, a tale of haunted dreams and long-standing regret from the talented writer and director Dale Neven. The film is Neven's feature film debut and is set for release on DVD and VOD May 21.

Jillian Clare breaks out in the insightful family dramedy PRETTY BROKEN from Brett Eichenberger and Jill Remensnyder.

Grief is a complicated beast, and when faced with tremendous loss amid a life changing transition, an unemployed college dropout has her world turned upside down in the new film PRETTY BROKEN, a story about starting over when you are at your lowest.

LIGHT OF MINE, Brett Eichenberger's drama about the onset of blindness, is now on Amazon Prime Video

A rare condition known as Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy lies at the center of the meditative road trip drama LIGHT OF MINE, directed by Brett Eichenberger and written by Jill Remensnyder. The film chronicles the last days of vision for a passionate photographer who absorbs all the sights he can before his eyes fail him for good. Samera Entertainment invites you for an inside look at this insightful film.

Q &A with Harley Wallen, Director of  The Eternal Code

Acclaimed Swedish-American director and actor Harley Wallen caught up with Samera Entertainment’s Chloe Brown of The Chloe Chronicles at the premiere of his latest hit crime thriller the Eternal Code. In this Q&A we talk about everything from his first steps in the industry, where he draws inspiration from, sustaining a character, script and screenwriting, his upcoming projects, and why we love the “Unlikeliest of Heroes.”

LONG GONE WILD carries on Blackfish's legacy to heartbreaking effect, while offering hope for the future of captive orcas.

LONG GONE WILD (from writer-producer-director William Neal) examines how captive orcas (killer whales) have been harmed by prolonged handling and confinement behind the bars of an industry that relies on these animals as cheap labor. Through these eyes, it is clear that the cruel treatment of these animals is endemic and largely hidden by those in power.


A MURDER OF INNOCENCE  from  Director  Shawn  Justice  proves  that fear is the ultimate enemy

Now on VOD. Emotions run hot after a chilling double murder shakes the faith of a local church community in the character-driven drama A MURDER OF INNOCENCE. Cinema Trends gives you an inside look into the inner workings of this somber tale of loss and redemption.

IMPERFECT QUADRANT streaming now! A caper in the outback goes south in this suspenseful film from Director Pann MuruJaiyan and star Katherine Langford!

A run of the mill robbery turns into a bloodbath, which leads to the decimation of a band of thieves in the short suspense drama IMPERFECT QUADRANT. Directed by Pann MuruJaiyan and starring Katherine Langford of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. IMPERFECT QUADRANT is streaming now via Amazon Prime Video in multiple languages. Join Samera Entertainment for this first-hand look at this suspenseful indie gem.

ICON: THE ROBERT ENGLUND STORY brings together legends of horror to celebrate the man behind some of cinema's most terrifying villains

From Cult Screenings UK Ltd, the makers of RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop, Pennywise: The Story of IT, and You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night comes ICON: THE ROBERT ENGLUND STORY, a feature-length exploration into the expansive career of one horror's most unforgettable faces. Samera Entertainment is honored to bring attention to this exciting documentary film.

GLASS JAW brings redemption ringside with grit, realism and drama to spare. Now available on VOD and Amazon Prime!

The boxing film has long been a source of compelling and immersive stories. GLASS JAW offers a modern spin on the classic tale of an underdog overcoming the odds in the name of glory and personal salvation. The boxing film has long been a source of compelling and immersive stories. GLASS JAW offers a modern spin on the classic tale of an underdog overcoming the odds in the name of glory and personal salvation.


No One Knowles Films Like Jarrod

When Jarrod Knowles made the decision to invest in educating and empowering indie filmmakers and artists over five years ago, with the launch of, he could never have envisaged the impact he would have on so many. Knowles, like countless others, had a passion for film and music and believed he could make a significant impact on the indie film and music landscape.

Perilous dangers await on CLINTON ROAD, the award-winning thriller starring Ice-T

Urban legends have been a staple of horror since the emergence of storytelling. One such legend centers around an ominous 10-mile stretch of narrow road deep within the northern New Jersey woods. It is on this path that CLINTON ROAD lays its tale of terror. Join Samera Entertainment for a quick inside look at this stunning horror drama which is now playing on limited screens and via streaming.

To The Beat! Sequel Amps Up Cast and Story -Set For Spring 2020 Release

Veteran actress and director Jillian Clare (Victorious: Freak The Freak Out, Days of Our Lives, Pretty Broken) today released the much-anticipated teaser for To The Beat! Back 2 School -  the sequel to the hit teen comedy, To The Beat! The film combines the familiarity of dance from the initial film, plus adds singing and acting, as the story takes our leads, Mackie, Mia, and Avery, plus all of their friends (and enemies) into their performing arts school for more fun, drama and the biggest competition of their young lives.​

A Remarkable 2019 for London/Stroud Casting!

As 2019 comes to a close, London/Stroud Casting would like to thank all the talented producers and directors they have worked with from across the globe.

David Mullenger Brings Characters and Opportunities to Life

David Mullenger is more than just an actor. He is a talented producer, a skilled dancer, and a personal trainer. His grand ambition has roots in an upbringing infused with influences from the arts. That makes it easy to argue that David was born for this creative path. An air of accomplishment permeates all his work. He embraces all that he does with an aura of inspiration and depth, making any performance as powerful as it can possibly be.


Andrew Bernard: An Acting Renaissance Man

An actor’s process is a mysterious thing. There is no end to the approaches one can take when getting into the mindset of a character. For Andrew Bernard, his is an approach backed by a history of rigorous training and expert level education. He has worked in multiple aspects of production both behind the scenes and on screen.

Ross Clarkson’s CAPTURED Offers Entrancing Tension at Every Turn of the Screw

Two women have disappeared and are presumed dead. The police have a suspect, a photographer who knew the women. Based on his intimidating demeanor and dismissive attitude, he fits the profile of any person of interest involved in a missing persons case.

Samera Entertainment Q&A with Arthur Egeli: Director of Murder on the Cape

Visionary Director/Writer/Producer and Fine Artist Arthur Egeli stopped by to talk to Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles about his newest film Murder on the Cape, as well as, his passion for film, ties to the New England area, and his visual arts background.

CRY HAVOC Boasts Old School Exploits and a Massive Corpse Count!

Samera Entertainment & Midnight Releasing gives you an inside look into this visceral slasher flick from writer/director Rene Perez

Turn back now if you don’t have a strong stomach because CRY HAVOC is on its way. And like the masked madman at the center of the carnage, this flick takes no prisoners. The spirit of grindhouse cinema is alive and well in 2020, and nothing cements this fact more than the existence of CRY HAVOC. A brutal, heart pounding slasher saga of revenge and bloodlust from writer/director Rene Perez that includes a psychological element within the confines of its terror to give it an extra punch in the gut.


The Dream Team Directors Use Innovation to Change the World

As technology continues to grow and transform throughout the 21st century, media grows and transforms along with it. In the capable hands of married filmmaking duo, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, they have used the evolving technological landscape as the foundation for their groundbreaking work. Their efforts have set the stage for the next revolution of multimedia promotion, and laid the groundwork for worldwide cultural change.

DUKE Offers Old Fashioned Heroics in a Modern Backdrop

Samera Entertainment gives you a quick behind the scenes look at this thrilling neo noir from Gravitas Ventures.

James and Anthony Gaudioso are identical twins with near identical dreams. A recent example of their dreams coming to fruition can be found in DUKE, a character driven psychodrama inspired by classic westerns, with a contemporary spin.

GLASS JAW Brings Redemption Ringside

Samera Entertainment gives the inside scoop on this gritty boxing drama. Now available on VOD, Amazon Prime and Urbanflix.

GLASS JAW stars Lee Kholafai as Travis Austin, a rough and tumble kid who goes from being a ward of the state to becoming a championship boxer. He wins the big title and gets the girl, but that's only the beginning.


Mega-talented Actor, Producer, Writer, Barry Bradford talks with Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles about his new television series The Tramp

Barry Bradford reflects on his career thus far, the Homelessness problem today, and what’s coming next for him in the world of Entertainment,

Nick R. Murphy: Odyssey of an Undiscovered Visionary

It was nearing the end of sophomore year when Nick R. Murphy put pen to paper and wrote his first feature-length screenplay. The juvenile tale of two hopeless drug addicts who found themselves in a series of comedic misadventures involving the police and sadistic criminals. The end result was a profanity leaden and violence soaked parable entitled The Last Temptation of Crack.

Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles catches up with Author, Director, Journalist, and Healer Weam Namou

Discussing her new documentary The Great American Family, her inspiration for storytelling, and what the future holds next for her.

Innovative Media and Marketing Trailblazer, Kelly Kantz, stops by to talk with Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles about the always-evolving model for successful media!

Discussing the importance of networking and building relationships, her journey in the entertainment industry, and what is next for Kantz Media.

IRIS: The Haunting New Film About a Woman’s Deadly Struggle For Survival

Iris is not your average woman. While she may appear like any other single lady one might find in the Brooklyn New York area, Iris harbors a secret. A dark secret that affects her nightly life and everyone she comes in contact with. This secret haunts her every moment of every day, and she will kill to keep it hidden.


Careful What You Wish For in John V. Soto’s movie,

"The Gateway"

Sci-Fi movies have always been loved by audiences because of their futuristic stories, action and visual effects. In the field of Sci-Fi movies, John V. Soto has set the standard with his thriller “The Gateway” (aka “Alpha Gateway”) which will be released across North America by Gravitas Ventures mid-February 2018.


Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles talk with visionary fashion designer, writer/producer, and philanthropist Sophia Dias on style, expanding her brand, and what it means to give back.

Q:  Sophia, it is so great to get to speak to you! You are the creative visionary and designer behind your brand DIAS and your weary collection GOA-WARP what was the inspiration behind starting these lines? And how did your mother, who is also a clothier, influence the brand?


The Colorful Vision of Christopher Fernandez

Christopher Fernandez’s style is one of complex simplicity. Taking into account his influences and educational background, it is clear that he is destined to be one of the central purveyors of contemporary social realism in the Philippines.


Samera Entertainment goes behind the scenes of Dylan Ashton's Culdesac, streaming now on Amazon Prime and other streaming services worldwide.


Just last year, writer and director Dylan Ashton graduated from U.C. Berkeley. Now, his latest short film, CULDESAC, is having its premiere on Amazon Prime Video. To commemorate the film's streaming debut, Ashton joins Samera Entertainment to discuss how his latest project came about.

Pretty Broken Now in the UK


Samera Entertainment goes behind the scenes of this insightful dramedy from husband & wife directing team, Brett Eichenberger and Jill Remensnyder.

Christine Parker

Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles catches up with Director, Cinematographer, Writer, and Producer Christine Parker

Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles catches up with Director, Cinematographer, Writer, and Producer Christine Parker discussing her new film Blood of the Mummy, the importance of career versatility, and what’s next for her and the world of film.

Evil Under the Skin pic


What attracted you to EVIL UNDER THE SKIN?


I really liked the opportunity to do something different. Luc's script was more of an experimental film and I always liked Robert Altmanns quote "If you're playing it safe then you're not playing at all." To me parts of the film reminded me of David Lynch and we even changed the last name of the character to "Palmer" as a tribute to that.

Untitled design(56).jpg

Award winning film TOMBSTONE PILLOW shines a light on the living residents in a land of death

Husband and wife filmmaking team, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir joined together to cultivate their creative outlook. With the establishment of Dream Team Directors, their intentions to inspire through cinema were set in stone. This has led to collaborations with the likes of Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, British superstars - Coldplay, and viral sensation Lindsey Stirling. Their work has received a heaping of praise from critics, plus numerous accolades, including two Telly Awards and 27 prizes at film festivals around the world.


Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles chat with Writer, Director, and Producer Damien Kage

Discussing Indie Filmmaking, the future of Horror and Thriller films, his new television series Case Files: The Series (2021), and what is next creatively for him.


Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles catches up with Writer, Producer, and Director Aleshia Cowser

Discussing her journey into the film world and writing, her new movie Bricked, leading and living with “layered love,” working with Tyler Perry Studios and what the future holds for her next.

rich redmond cartoon samera article.jpg

Samera Entertainment and The Chloe Chronicles catch up with Musician/Drummer, Actor, Motivational Speaker, and Author, Rich Redmond.

Discussing his acting, how he came to be a musician, tour life, and what he has learned about life and art through his over-two decade-spanning career.

Untitled design(89).jpg

LOCKDOWN 2025 is a Fearful Vision of Pandemic Hysteria in a Post COVID World


Samera Entertainment gives us a sneak peak at this suspenseful futuristic thriller coming soon from Midnight Releasing.

Coming to VOD in 2021, the world is up against a deadly virus that threatens to destroy the world in LOCKDOWN 2025, a terrifying urban pandemic drama from Midnight Releasing.


Untitled design(108).jpg

Q&A with Breakout Filmmaker Sasha Sibley!


Samera Writer/director Sasha Sibley visits Support Indie Flix to talk about his upcoming film THE BOX from Midnight Releasing.

Also, we discuss his inspirations, his unique style of storytelling, and what he's got coming up in the future.


Screenshot_2021-03-23 (20+) Facebook(1).
Screenshot_2021-03-31 (14) Facebook.png
graham jones chloes chronicles 2.png

Exclusive Interview with Laura Stetman Star of The Connection


Samera Entertainment and the Chloe Chronicles catch up with Actress, Lauren Stetman, to talk about her new upcoming film, The Connection, her passion for acting, and what’s next for her career-wise. 

Q&A with Las Vegas Scream Queen, Donna Hamblin!


Support Indie Flix, speaks with accomplished actress Donna Hamblin. We discuss her acting style, her experiences, and what her plans are for 2021. Thank you for joining us, Donna.


Q&A with Edward Gusts, star of STAINED from Midnight Releasing!


Support Indie Flix speaks with actor/writer/producer Edward Gusts. We'll discuss his latest release, the Shakespeare inspired STAINED, and we'll also talk about what influences his authentic creative style.


Q&A with Graham Jenkins, star of THE BOX from Midnight Releasing!

Support Indie Flix speaks with actor Graham Jenkins, star of The Box (written and directed by Sasha Sibley).

We'll discuss his experience on the set of  The Box, and what he has in store for the future.


Chloe Chronicles catch up with successful Photographer,
Film Producer, and Artist Graham “Grazzla” Jones

Discussing his passion to create art, his work in film, how he sees the world, and what’s next for him creatively. We'll discuss his experience on the set of  The Box, and what he has in store for the future.


Screenshot_2021-04-06 Lurking Woods Midn

Doom Looms Deep in LURKING WOODS!


Samera Entertainment gives us a behind the scenes look at this new slasher thriller from Midnight Releasing.


Screenshot_2021-04-23 Facebook.png
death sentences (3).jpg
Untitled design(175).jpg
shiver tv the spiritualist(4).jpg
Untitled design(186).jpg
Untitled design(187).jpg

Support Indie Flix Q&A with Screen Legend Helene Udy!

Today, Nocturnal Newz and Support Indie Flix visits with seasoned actress and cult classic icon Helene Udy.  We'll discuss her rich history as an actress, what she's up to now, and what she has planned for the future. 

Support Indie Flix Q&A Featuring Remiara Eve and Writer/Director Joe Leone!

We discuss their collaboration on the upcoming film, DEATH SENTENCES, and what they have planned next.

A Friendly Reunion Turns Deadly in THE PIT.

Samera Entertainment invites you to take a look at this isolated thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Exclusive Interview with Director & Actor Roger Conners "Rebirth"

Samera Entertainment and The Chloe Chronicles catch up with Actor, Director, and Writer Roger Conners to talk about his new film Rebirth, his passion for horror, and what’s next for him creatively.

Exclusive interview with Director, Producer & Actor Brian A. Metcalf "Adverse"

Samera Entertainment and The Chloe Chronicles talk to Director, Producer, and Actor Brian Metcalf about his new film Adverse , the push to continually challenge the entertainment moldcreatively, and what the future holds for him and his professional endeavors.

Exclusive interview with Actor Carl Bailey "Evil Under the Skin"

Samera Entertainment and Support Indie Flix talk to  Actor Carl Bailey, about his film Evil Under the Skin, his passion for acting and what upcoming projects he has in the horizon.

Support Indie Flix Q&A with Chloe Brown, star of LURKING WOODS from Midnight Releasing!

Support Indie Flix speaks with actress Chloe Brown, one of the headliners in the Australian horror thriller LURKING WOODS.

A Miracle Drug Has Monstrous Side Effects in OBSIDIAN.

Samera Entertainment goes inside this intense creature feature from Midnight Releasing.

Support Indie Flix Q&A with Actor Hick Cheramie, of OBSIDIAN from Midnight Releasing!

Support Indie Flix catches up with Actor Hick Cheramie to talk about his new film OBSIDIAN, his acting career, and what’s next for him creatively.

Untitled design(194).jpg

Torture Goes Viral in KILL TEASER.  

Samera Entertainment brings you an exclusive look at this cyber killer thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Untitled design(203).jpg

JOHNNY Unleashes a Madhouse of Insanity to Viewers Everywhere! 


Samera Entertainment gives you an inside glimpse at the new thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Untitled design(204).jpg

Support Indie Flix speaks with Filmmaker Erica Summers about her horror thriller OBSIDIAN.

Samera Entertainment gives you an inside glimpse at the new thriller from Midnight Releasing.


Young And Rising Star Wins An Award For Acting Talents In The Film Tombstone Pillow


Dream team directors Bayou Bennet and Daniel Lir found a new and shining star in the eleven year old Kendra Sison De Mesa. She was chosen two years ago, at the age of 9, for the role of Maria Del Carmen in the film, Tombstone Pillow. Kendra’s portrayal of this young girl has won her fast recognition as One of the Best Actresses Under 18 through the Global Independent Film Awards.


Untitled design(208).jpg

Red Pill Brings Thrills And Murder To A Liberals Getaway Weekend With Friends

A movie with a message - Red Pill actress, writer and director, Tonya Pinkins, is a triple threat in this metaphorical murder thriller. Pinkins plays as Cass, a black American woman worried for her safety on the eve of another election.

Untitled design(215).jpg

Life Rolls into the Gutter in HARVEY, and the Body Count Rises...

A Samera Entertainment gives you a quick look at the latest offering
from Midnight Releasing.  Coming this month to VOD, a rundown bowling alley becomes ground zero for gruesome doings In HARVEY, a new psychological thriller from our good friends at Midnight Releasing.


Punk Rock Brands And Bands

Creative husband and wife duo form punk clothing line Vomito Clothing and Accessories



Untitled design(226).jpg

Getting To Know Edgy Rocker And Outer Banks Actor, Johnny Alonso

A talent for the big screen and rock and roll stage runs through the veins of actor and musician, Johnny Alonso. He has been pursuing his passion of performing since he was a young man on stage, playing in his rock band as a teenager. Johnny has continued to bring entertainment to movies and TV shows, such as popular Netflix series, Outer Banks, Gotham, One Tree Hill and Midnight Releasing’s new film, Harvey.


Add a heading(493).jpg

SHATTER Takes Us on a Schizophrenic Trip Through a Twisted Mystery


New to VOD, a New England town becomes the epicenter of a series of disturbing incidents in SHATTER, a mind bending mystery from Midnight Releasing and co-writer/director Chris Schwartz.

Untitled design(373).jpg

Nocturnal Newz Q&A with actor/filmmaker Johnny Alonso, star of HARVEY from Midnight Releasing!

Nocturnal Newz  goes one on one with Johnny Alonso, co-star and co-director of the new thriller, HARVEY.

Add a heading(516).jpg
Untitled design(375).jpg

Mother Nature Is Not The Only Thing To Fear in UNSHELTERED!

Take a look at this twisted natural disaster slasher from Buffalo 8, Eagle Eye Entertainment, and Reel Productions.


Nocturnal Newz Spotlights Filmmaker John Charles Gerald, of JOHNNY  from Midnight Releasing!

This writer, director, filmmaker and doer-of-everything took home numerous awards for his psychological feature film, Johnny.

Untitled design(374).jpg

Madellaine Paxson makes her directorial debut with writer and husband Eddie Guzellian in the fun, energetic and deadly movie, Blood Punch.

Madellaine Paxson and Eddie Guzelian bring gore, comedy and deja vu to the big screen with their first film Blood Punch. This movie has similar vibes to the film Groundhog’s Day where the characters start to realize that they’re reliving the same 24 hours over and over again.

Untitled design(254).jpg
Untitled design(306).jpg
Untitled design(308).jpg
Untitled design(320).jpg
Untitled design(322).jpg
Add a heading(717).jpg
Untitled design(340).jpg
Untitled design(346).jpg
Untitled design(346).jpg
Untitled design(355).jpg

Midnight Releasing Films on Tubi

Quit scrolling through your old streaming platform and check out a plethora of horror films on Tubi, brought to you by Midnight Releasing!


THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW VOL. 2 Delivers Episodic Terror in Droves!

Samera Entertainment is proud to offer a quick glimpse at this horrific anthology film from Midnight Releasing.


Horror friend, Jesse Browning, brings focus on horror movie genre and indie films through BrownMint Horror

The horror genre is one that has millions of fans, and the indie horror film community is one that is growing by leaps and bounds. Fans and followers alike are ecstatic that there are more and more independent companies, interviewers and filmmakers bringing new and exciting content to the horror movie scene.


The Creative Force of Filmmaker, Actress and Author
Tonya Pinkins

South Side Chicago native, Tonya Pinkins, continues to bring dynamic acting and writing to the film-making scene in ABC’s 6-part series, Women of the Movement.


Colombian YouTube interviewer, Jhon Jatenjor, uses his love for filmmaking to shed light on new movie and content creators.

There are thousands of unknown talents in the world, writing, directing, filming and acting; waiting to be discovered. That’s where YouTuber and content creator, Jhon Jatenjor comes in! He uses his passion for the “seventh art” by unearthing the new and up-coming filmmakers, actors and other hidden gems, bringing awareness to their talents and recent work.

IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU Puts The "Psycho" Back into Psychology

Samera Entertainment gives us a brief examination of this new psychological thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Indie film website creator and review writer Michael Haberfelner turns his passion to production and book writing, earning several awards and nominations

Author, producer, actor and horror movie fan, Michael Haberfelner, brings his love for indie films, gore and dark humor to books and the big screen. Our jack of many trades has been a huge fan of the film industry for his entire life, starting where he was born and raised in beautiful, Vienna, Austria.


Porter + Craig Film & Media Distribution, a new subsidiary label of film and TV industry veterans Jeff Porter and Keith L. Craig, is releasing its first theatrical premiere on Thursday, March 24th -- Nick Snow and Don Hatton's supernatural crime thriller "THE BLACKLIGHT".

Now Streaming: The Blacklight ~ A Nick Snow on Amazon Prime

Samera Entertainment points the spotlight at this supernatural crime thriller from Porter + Craig Film & Media Distribution

Mr Geeky Indie Movie Reviews

Mr Geeky review writer and blogger brings his passion and movie insight to indie film fans of the internet.

Untitled design(357).jpg

The Indie Flix Podcast

Indianapolis natives Kelly Miller and Alan Wills bring witty banter and captivating chemistry to indie horror movie reviews on The Indie Flix Podcast.


The Red Carpet is Rolled Out for THE BOND - A Jaron Ikner Film

Samera Entertainment gives us an inside look at this gripping post-pandemic thriller from Starstruck Multimedia.

Untitled design(377).jpg

Talented movie composer, Ryan McTear

Talented movie composer, Ryan McTear, puts together an eclectic and spooky soundtrack for Porter + Craig Film Distribution’s, award-winning first feature, The Blacklight.

Untitled design(383).jpg

Brenda Daly, host of Reel Women Podcast

So-Cal native, Brenda Daly, can be found in front of and behind the big screen, using her talents to empower and inspire those wanting to follow their dreams.

Untitled design(385).jpg

Writer and director, Michael Matteo Rossi, delivers another
slick indie crime drama with his newest release, Shadows.

If you’re a fan of the indie film genre and you’re looking for the next exciting and suspenseful drama to keep you on the edge of your seat, Michael Matteo Rossi has you covered with his movie, Shadows.

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Untitled design(417).jpg
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Hocus Pocus Goes to Evil Extremes in PROSPER

Now on VOD, the last witch of Salem comes home to feast in PROSPER, a haunting odyssey of horror from Midnight Releasing.

The Blacklight Movie Review

The film's concept worked so good than expected because of the script and the directorial effort that gets the film mood right and the cast's talent. The cast played the film so well, making the film have an enjoyable genre.

THE CASE OF DAKOTA MOORE Exposes the Dark Side of Online Stardom

Samera Entertainment goes behind the scenes of this innovative viral mystery from Midnight Releasing. Now on VOD, the final days of a popular internet star are published for all to witness in THE CASE OF DAKOTA MOORE, the new found footage thriller from Midnight Releasing.

Two Filmmakers Fight Poverty and Homelessness with TOMBSTONE PILLOW.

The 33x-award-winning short film Tombstone Pillow — which shines a light on the 6,000+ people who live in Manila's cemetery— screened at Allora Fest in Puglia, Italy on Friday, June 24, 2022 amongst Hollywood’s Icons. Directed by Los Angeles-based 55x award-winning filmmakers Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennet of Dream Team Directors.

RESET Plays and Replays All the Horrific Possibilities During One Unfortunate Night!

Samera Entertainment gives us a quick look at this new intense thriller from Midnight Releasing. Now on VOD, a case of certain death becomes uncertain in RESET, the latest tale of terror from Midnight Releasing.

Love Goes Back to its Roots in SINGLE NOT SEARCHING

Samera Entertainment gives us the lowdown on the upcoming theatrical run of this one of a kind romantic dramedy from Porter + Craig Film & Media Distribution and CEM Media Group.


Now Streaming: THE BOND - A Jaron Ikner Film on Amazon Prime and Tubi

Samera Entertainment gives us an inside look at this gripping post-pandemic thriller from Starstruck Multimedia.

Add a heading(83).jpg

Filled With Horror And Terror, Carlos Berber’s ‘Party Bus’ Brings Ride Of The Year, Releasing December 3, 2022

Shot in a compact bus amid the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the horror thriller and suspense-filled Party Bus, distributed by Midnight Releasing, coming soon December 3, 2022

Ned Cruey.jpg

Top 5 Drones for Filmmakers: Choosing the Right Equipment for Stunning Aerial Footage

As the use of drones in film-making continues to rise, it's important for filmmakers to invest in the right equipment to capture the best footage possible. Here are some of the best drones filmmakers should consider investing in:

Untitled design(150).jpg

The Pros and Cons of Smart Home Technology:
Is It Worth the Investment?

Smart home technology has been gaining popularity over the years, as more and more homeowners are investing in this type of technology. Smart home technology refers to the integration of home devices and appliances with a network that can be controlled remotely, through a smartphone or tablet.

Top U.S. Consumer Electronics and Technology Trade Shows You Can't Miss in 2024.jpg
Top U.S. Consumer Electronics and Technology Trade Shows You Can't Miss in 2024(1).jpg
Smartwatch Showdown Top Picks for Every Need and Budget.jpg

Top U.S. Consumer Electronics and Technology Trade Shows You Can't Miss in 2024

As technology continues to rapidly advance, so too do the trade shows that showcase the latest and greatest in consumer electronics. In 2024, there are several top U.S. consumer electronics and technology trade shows that are not to be missed.

"The Top 5 Advantages of Owning a Smart TV for Your Home Entertainment Needs"

Smart TVs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a range of features that traditional televisions simply cannot match. If you’re in the market for a new TV, here are some of the top reasons why you should choose a Smart TV for your home entertainment.

"Smartwatch Showdown: Top Picks for Every Need and Budget"

Smartwatches have taken the world by storm, providing users with a plethora of features that go beyond just telling time. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top smartwatches to purchase and their best features.

Exploring the Latest VR Headsets Oculus Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, and Sony PlayStation VR.jpg
From Passion to Profit Creative Ways Filmmakers can Generate Income(1).jpg
The Oscar Winning Journey Exploring Leonardo DiCaprio's Iconic Filmography.jpg

Exploring the Latest VR Headsets: Oculus Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, and Sony PlayStation VR

Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way since its inception. Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of VR technology, and VR headsets have become increasingly popular. Today, there are a variety of VR headsets available in the market, each with its own unique set of features. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the latest VR headsets available in the market.

From Passion to Profit: Creative Ways Filmmakers can Generate Income

As a filmmaker, it can be challenging to generate income from your craft. The industry is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, with the right approach and a bit of creativity, there are many ways to make money as a filmmaker. Here are some tips to help you generate income from your passion:

The Oscar Winning Journey Exploring Leonardo DiCaprio's Iconic Filmography

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a fixture in Hollywood for over 25 years and has starred in some of the most iconic films of our time. From his breakout role in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" to his Oscar-winning performance in "The Revenant," DiCaprio has proven time and time again that he is one of the greatest actors of his generation. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the top Leonardo DiCaprio films he starred in.


Shining a Spotlight: Why Film Festivals Are Key to Showcasing Your Creative Work

Film festivals are a great way for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience and receive recognition for their creative efforts. By submitting your film to a festival, you not only have the opportunity to have your work seen by industry professionals, but also by film enthusiasts and potential fans.

Windy (3).jpg

Meet Windy Karigianes: A Soulful Singer and Songwriter with a Passion for Music and Inspiration

Windy Karigianes is a singer and songwriter who has a unique music style that combines rock, soul, country, jazz, and inspiration. Her love for music started at a young age, as she grew up in a musical household with her father and brother playing guitar, and the radio always on. 

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