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The Blacklight Movie Review

Review by ~ Eric Palmer

The Blacklight is a supernatural crime thriller film directed by Nick Snow from a screenplay co-written with Brook Russel, who was also the co-start. Blacklight is a genuinely independent film which looks like they utilized all the resources they had. The film is about Danny, who leaves his life of crime but ends up teaming up with a naive rich kid called Liam and his friend Kit Viper for a robbery, leaving them with a mysterious supernatural artifact that had immersed power. After getting the ancient artifact during the robbery, they manage to escape with a box which seems worthless until Kit Viper opens it and tries the clock which was inside, which makes him invincible. Kit Viper had made many enemies over the years, and he decided to go on a killing mission hence settling down his grudge without even a scratch. While he was doing this, it came to the attention of Gabe Giallo, a gang leader. The latter realizes that there was something unnatural about Kit Viper. Giallo tortures Liam so that he can find the truth about the clock and then has the cloak stolen and Kit Viper wasted, and this makes him invisible.

The film is a recipe for disaster since it tries to blend in with crime, horror, ultra-violence, comedy and cultism. The film's concept worked so good than expected because of the script and the directorial effort that gets the film mood right and the cast's talent. The cast played the film so well, making the film have an enjoyable genre. The movie is exciting since it can make one reflect on the origin of human evil. It makes one see how human beings are driven by desires to be rich, hence shortcuts. The film helps one see the outcome of using shortcuts to get things. If one is a lover of dark humor, this is the film since one can ride in the wild and meet crazy characters.

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The film has neo-noir since it has melodrama. One gets to watch the characters driven by their desires doing crazy things, helping one to know that the film is more significant than life. The film as humour hence makes the audience laugh, while the dark supernatural genre creates a sense of dread and foreboding.

The Blacklight film takes a simple plot and develops it before deciding to perform a rapid jog through a cinematic maze. The Blacklight is simultaneously comical and thrilling, relying heavily on the creative writing and an ensemble cast with a solid understanding of the rhythm required to pull it off. The Blacklight is an excellent indie thriller with a plot that should not work, but it does. While you have probably seen films with similar themes before, you have probably never seen one that successfully dips its cinematic toes into so many genres and emerges the better for it. The Blacklight is a ferocious, entertaining, and bizarrely compelling movie experience.






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