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Samera Entertainment and Support Indie Flix talk to  Actor Carl Bailey, about his film Evil Under the Skin, his passion for acting and what upcoming projects he has in the horizon.

Support Indie Flix~ .Can you introduce yourself to the Samera Entertainment and Support Indie Flix audience?


Carl ~ I am Carl Bailey, “The Coach,” a former Texas High School football coach, High School Principal, college professor, broadcaster, and an actor for the past ten years. I am often asked about being “The Coach.” I was an athlete that played sports and then after graduating from college I had a long and successful coaching career in Texas. When I was introduced to the business I found it was easier to remember “The Coach” and it became my brand. I have a website and also have been broadcasting Texas High School football games for the past 12 years and “The Coach” seems to be fairly well known throughout the community of Texas high School football.

Support Indie Flix ~ : How and when exactly did you realize you had the passion for acting and who are your biggest influences?

Carl ~ I had moved my professional career into broadcasting, camps, and working my “Old Coach” website when a friend at the gym mentioned they were looking for guys like me for a TV show being filmed in Dallas. I sent my picture and was booked in NBC’s Chase, a Jerry Bruckheimer production, and worked seven episodes as a recurring, featured, US Marshall. From there over the next two years I worked on many major studio productions with A-List actors and directors which allowed me to see how these actors actually worked and the industry standards for large budget projects. As far as influences, I have been on set with dozens of A-List actors, many academy award winning actors, and hundreds of actual working actors. The “influence's” are the professionals that treat others with respect, including the background and crew, and make sure they are prepared, collaborate with others, and center the project around the collective team and not themselves.

Support Indie Flix ~  What attracted you to this movie, EVIL UNDER THE SKIN?

Carl ~  I had worked with Jeff Schneider before and he reached out with a role that really fit my skills and acting talents.

I enjoy working with Jeff and the team he has assembled. It has become a small production group with a family feel that works together to produce a quality project under low budget parameters.

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Support Indie Flix ~  Tell us a little about your character, Sheriff Roy Keeps, and how this character differs from other characters that you've played?

Carl ~ Roy Keeps is a small town Sheriff that feels a responsibility for the safety of the community and his constituents. He’s someone you can trust and will make sure the standards of law enforcement are upheld. A person of honor, duty, and integrity. Sheriff Keeps is very similar to my personal character and reflects many of the roles I have been cast in. I find it gratifying and somewhat effortless to portray these characters like Sheriff Keeps. The reality of the business is that you are cast as an actor to be natural and believable. I think that I am often cast in roles of authority and law enforcement because of my previous professional career and my background of life experiences.

Support Indie Flix ~ How was it working with Director Jeff Schneider? Besides yourself, which actor in this production is going to blow the audience away?How was it working with Director Jeff Schneider? Besides yourself, which actor in this production is going to blow the audience away?

Carl ~  It’s a collective team that brings this story to life. Every actor is important to the finished project and all contribute to the audience’s reaction. As a director Jeff allows the actors to bring their vision of character into the story while working within the concept of the role. Jeff is a very hands on and actor’s director in the sense he talks things out and is prepared in advance. I believe that the key characters all have performances that the audience will enjoy.

Support Indie Flix ~ What, according to you, is the best part of your work and what is the most challenging and why?

Carl ~ : The best aspect of this industry is being able to meet people and connect with those you would never be able to meet in my previous career. I have been honored to do many things in my life including working as an actor for ten years and I am amazed at the connections I have made as an actor. This includes people that are working as crew members, production, background, and producers, not just fellow actors. There are some great people that really enjoy making a difference in the lives of others.The challenging portion of this business is working with people who pose as superior and often try to take control becoming the director or an “acting coach” to steer the scene or film to their leaning.

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Support Indie Flix ~  Of all the roles you have played in the past, which is your favorite and why?

Carl ~ :The very last featured role that I worked was in the film, “When The Game Stands Tall,” where I was cast as assistant Coach Alumbaugh working along side Jim Caviziel and Michael Chiklis for seven weeks in New Orleans. I was cast because of my experience as a coach and as a novice actor it was very enlightening to work with those two A-List actors, along with Laura Dern, Clancy Brown, and others in a role that I had been doing as a professional for several decades. Even though it was a featured role I was involved in the majority of the film and in some scenes I was the only coach. It was a great experience even if I wasn’t credited. Since that project I have probably been cast in at least 100 projects and each one is important on your journey as an actor.

Support Indie Flix ~ :Outside of acting, do you have any other major interests or passions and what’s something we should know about you that might surprise us?

Carl ~ I have been someone that works out for my health and fitness since high school. My fitness is something I believe has helped to accelerate my career and hopefully, will extend my life. I am a broadcaster and do the play-by-play for Texas high school football games.

Support Indie Flix ~ What is next for Carl, do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

Carl ~  I just finished working on “Final Summer,” a camp slasher film from John Isberg in Illinois with Tom Atkins (Night Of The Creeps 1986), and Thom Matthews (Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives 1986). I head to Arizona next to work on Robert Conway’s Hellhounds and then to Georgia to work in The Stalker II. I have several other projects lined up for the fall including preproduction for my own film, Blackwood Station, a supernatural western thriller. And it’s football season so The Coach will be “live” for Friday night lights. …

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EVIL UNDER THE SKIN  is now available from Midnight Releasing.


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