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"The Atoning" by Michael Williams is going to be in your nightmares for a long time

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People are born with talent but there are only a few individuals can be called a complete package. Michael Williams is a director, writer and cinematographer with his recent film "The Atoning".

With the best leading cast Virginia Newcomb, Cannon Bosarge and Michael LaCour, Michael Williams has been able to set the perfect scene for a horror movie. It is a story of a family who is being haunted by a ghost. The parents are trying to protect their child from the darkest secret of their past that can destroy their family. It is nothing like any horror movie that has been recently introduced. "The Atoning" will surely be in your nightmares. It has all been made possible due to the remarkable skills of Michael Williams and there is no doubt that he is an extremely talented person.

Michael Williams views on a great film

For Michael Williams, a great movie is not only for entertainment. It should have a message that will inspire you to change and do something good. There are different ways a movie can convey an important message and the best ones are those that have some hidden meanings you can discover. He is in love with the films that are a complete package.

According to Michael Williams, “One of my driving forces behind making films is the ability to create an experience you can’t have in real life. That is what attracted me to some of my favorite films that influenced my early development and that is one aspect of film making that drives me to tell the stories I want to express.”

"The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, "Titanic" and "Star Wars" trilogy are the movies that inspired Michael to start creating movies. He was inspired by the films and there behind the scenes. According to Michael film making provides you the chance to experience all those things that you cannot otherwise. All it takes is the passion of artists and his hard work to make the film successful. Michael is driven by the idea of achieving something great. The type of films that influenced him to work on "The Atoning" are: "Signs", "Black Swan", "The Graduate", "Doubt, ET", "Close Encounters of The Third Kind", "Edward Scissorhands" and "Little Miss Sunshine".

The exciting journey of filming "The Atoning"

The journey of filming "The Atoning" was exciting and full of challenges for Michael. He has also worked on OzLand. He prepared the script for OzLand before time and during the time of film making he got all the time to work on the script to assure that it will be perfect. The script was easy for the actors to understand and they easily merged into their characters.

On the other hand, with "The Atoning" things were a little difficult. The difficulty was due to the swift process from concept to screen. The essence of the concept had been with him for about a year or so before he began writing.

You will be amazed to know that Michael only had a couple of months for prep and writing before production. He had to work quickly to meet the production deadline. However, he continued to work on the script during the production, but he did not get enough time to be buried in the material. Most of the times he had to work according to his inner feelings.

There are several other films that Michael has been working on and he is ready to produce them. All the fans should get ready because they are about to enjoy the cinema once again with some exciting films that will have remarkable stories. The Atoning was filmed in his Hometown West Point. The 140 years old Victorian-era home was used for filming.

His remarkable team

Michael has an incredible team of collaborators. All his team members have great views about him because of his amazing skills. He assures to create a friendly atmosphere on the set to assure that everyone can work confidently and perfectly. He thinks that it is important that you maintain a good relationship with your team. It is important that you work on their projects as dedicated as they are working on yours.

A supportive cast

Michael thinks that casting plays a very important role in the success of the film. With the right actors, you can create a perfect film. That is why it is said that you can do a lot more as a director with the right actors. He thinks that you have to properly cast the characters with actors you know are right for the part, have the skills necessary, and will be strong collaborators in bringing the story and the specific character to life. As a director, you shouldn’t be worrying about directing an actor to merely have a usable, believable performance.

If that is the case, you’re missing out really making something special. If you don’t have to worry about the skill of the actor or the ability to connect with them as an artist, you can spend that time and energy digging deep into the story, the characters, and the details that will enrich the film as a whole. Michael has the mission to find the actors for the film that can understand their characters and bring life to the role.

Challenges Michael Williams had to face

For Michael, The Atoning was one of the hardest experiences of his career this far. There were a lot of factors that made the making of The Atoning quite difficult. The primary one was the extremely tight schedule for prep, production, and post. With more time and resources, it would’ve been a lot easier for everyone involved. According to Michael, “Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. In the case of this film, it worked out, but I gained a couple of grey hairs in the process.”

However, the whole film making experience has been very helpful for his career because he got the chance to learn many new things. He got the chance to juggle different jobs on the set with the crew members just to assure that everything will be managed perfectly. Michael got the best resources and crew members for The Atoning so he was not worried about the budget and tried his level best to use it in a productive way.

Future projects worth waiting for

At the moment, Michael has two scripts written. One being a psychological thriller. Currently he is the  director of photography for a couple of films with director Glenn Payne and Casey Dillard for their film titled Driven starring Richard Speight Jr. He is also working hard on the release of a new music video for Royal by Lost in Constellation is out now and on YouTube. 

If you are interested in watching his film "The Atoning" it is available for rent/purchase on Amazon, iTunes, DVD/Bluray, Redbox and all other VOD and Cable/satellite VOD Platforms. For OzLand, it is available on Amazon and DVDs can be purchased directly from Michael if you would like a hard copy. You can contact him on the following platforms.

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