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Adam Carbone shines as the title character in the inspiring autism drama, RANDY'S CANVAS


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Nick R. Murphy

Cinema Trends

Acting is not always a walk in the park. While the average person might view an actor as a jester that specializes in make believe, the reality is far more intricate. True actors never simply dawn a costume and pretend to be someone else. True actors absorb their characters, they learn what makes them tick, and they discover aspects of their personalities that are not quite clear on the pages of a script. 

Adam Carbone is one such actor who has taken this professional method of acting and has used it to bring out authentic performances. Proof of this can be found in his starring role as Randy in the award winning drama RANDY'S CANVAS.

Co-written and directed by Sean Michael Beyer, RANDY'S CANVAS is a searing and poignant drama mixed with lighthearted comedy. As Randy, Adam Carbone brings an innocence and vulnerability to his character of an artist living with autism whose life spins out of control after falling in love for the first time. Everyone can relate to the stinging power of first love, but as someone who has trouble reconciling with his emotions, Randy is at a loss for how to cope with his newfound feelings. This adds an extra dimension of depth to the film, providing a perspective on what the majority of people do not understand about the debilitating mental restrictions of autism. 

This emphasis on realism paid off for RANDY'S CANVAS, which took home Best Picture at the 2018 AutFest International Film Festival this past April, with Carbone also scoring a win for Best Actor. If his acting alone wasn't enough to rise his star, certainly this win is more than enough to cement his future as an actor to look out for.

For the last year, Carbone's award winning performace in RANDY'S CANVAS has been making the rounds through the festival circuit, and at special screenings across the country, where all proceeds go to The Autism Project, Rhode Island, which assists many people living day to day with both mild and severe forms of the disorder. As a nonprofit film, RANDY'S CANVAS is sincere in spreading autism awareness in a way that major studios cannot. This is a film that exists to tell a great story and send a message for all the right reasons, which is something all films should aspire to.


A strong an up and comer though he may be, Adam Carbone is more than just an actor. He studied filmmaking at New England Tech in Rhode Island and received an associate’s degree. Apart from performing, Carbone writes, directs, and sits in the editing chair. In a generation full of stiff competition, it is important to condition multiple talents in numerous areas of production development, and Carbone is more than up to the task.


Carbone has taken advantage of almost every aspect of entertainment available in this modern culture dominated by streaming services and viral videos. Carbone is the president of his own production company, Shquib TV, which produces weekly comedy videos available on YouTube and at


Recently, Carbone produced and landed cameo in MarVista Entertainment’s production of SAVE THIS DANCE (also directed by Sean Michael Beyer) shot on location in South Carolina. Carbone also appeared in a supporting role and worked as Line Producer on the feature PRIDE, PREJUDICE, CUT! (from 1 CHANCE 2 DANCE producer Elizabeth Snoderly). Between all these accomplishments, Carbone still keeps himself busy building new projects that currently stand in various stages of development.


Carbone's collaboration with fellow creative, Sean Michael Beyer has been instrumental in the shaping of his career. Apart from RANDY'S CANVAS, they have joined forces on many other projects including the comedic online cooking show DUDE FOOD WITH SEAN AND SOMETIMES ADAM, and are currently in development on an innovative fourth wall breaking comedy entitled POOR PAUL, another directorial effort from Byer.


These experiences have sharpened Carbone's solid determination and has built his confidence enough for him to jump into the director's chair himself for the visceral over-the-top comedy THE MRS. CHOCOLATE MILK MEN, which promises to be a unique and oblique cinematic experience with a surreal sense of style.


The path of an actor is never a straight shot to stardom, it can be a long journey full of many twists and turns. Overnight success is a fairy tale, and some performers tend to get lost in the vast forest of technicalities that comprise the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Adam Carbone is NOT one of those performers. He is experienced, skilled, and willing to ride the wave of success until he reaches his ultimate destination.


So keep an eye out for Adam Carbone because you might be seeing more of him sooner rather than later.

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