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Madellaine Paxson makes her directorial debut with writer and husband Eddie Guzellian in the fun, energetic and deadly movie, Blood Punch.

Written by~ Allison Salonko

Madellaine Paxson and Eddie Guzelian bring gore, comedy and deja vu to the big screen with their first film Blood Punch. This movie has similar vibes to the film Groundhog’s Day where the characters start to realize that they’re reliving the same 24 hours over and over again.


Blood Punch’s talented writer and director husband and wife duo, Paxson and Guzelian, have worked together for years on many different children’s TV shows and movies. Funny enough, they found their three leading actors, Milo Cawthorn, Olivia Tennet and Ari Boyland, for this blood soaked and amusing movie during the filming of Power Rangers RPM.


Blood Punch’s creative methods of killing and entertaining dialogue among the characters keep the audience engaged and wondering what will happen next. The perfectly chosen music, actor chemistry and ingenuitive screenplay makes this film seem like a big budget movie, when in reality, Guzelian and Paxson had pretty limited funds. They even had to relocate to their garage for part of the film, still making everything look perfect!

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Eddie Guzelian has had success and experience working on the set and writing for TV franchises like The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. Both Guzelian and Paxson stepped out of their comfort zones and produced a well-put together and polished film, leaving audiences wanting for more!


This sci-fi comedy-horror-romance movie was surprisingly Madellaine Paxson’s directorial debut! Making it even more impressive how it was picked up for distribution by Midnight Releasing after it won 10 awards at several different film festivals.


The gory comedy, Blood Punch, was picked up for distribution by Midnight Releasing and can be found on Tubi, Vudu, Amazon Prime and Roku TV.





BLOOD PUNCH is now available from Midnight Releasing.

Founded in 2009 by Darrin Ramage, Midnight Releasing is a premiere home entertainment distributor of quality independent genre films released only in the North America Region. With a following of thousands on social media outlets, Midnight Releasing continues to draw attention with each release.




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