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Mr Geeky Indie Movie Reviews

Mr Geeky review writer and blogger brings his passion and
movie insight to indie film fans of the internet

Written by~ Allison Salonko

When you’re a huge fan of movies, TV shows and just all things film, using your passion and talent for writing reviews and blogs just makes sense. Thanks to the encouragement and support of his amazing friends, Karl Franks took the plunge on developing his craft and shaping his movie review blog and website.


His passion for the big screen and TV shows started when he was only a young boy. He would spend hours on end over the weekend with his grandfather, who gave Karl his lifelong love for film and TV. “My earliest memory of the first movie that made a lasting impression on me is For a Few Dollars More, still to this day my favorite Sergio Leone film. This laid the foundation for my love of films outside of the mainstream and enthusiasm for independent cinema that continues to this day.”


Now, 7 years have passed and Karl continues to crank out regular indie content on his website,, while also contributing and writing horror, thriller, and genre movie reviews for the Facebook page, The Bloody Asylum. You can also find Karl writing a monthly movie review for the Cinema Cult section of the webzine, Last Day Deaf.


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As someone who has managed to take their love of movies to the next level, Karl really strives to shed light on the independent filmmaking and acting talent that lives outside of the mainstream media. There are hundreds of movies and shows most film fans don’t know about. That’s why we have people like Karl who can bring these films to the forefront and help them gain the recognition they deserve.


Karl’s main objective is to always have fun with his writing, something that he has felt strongly about since starting his journey as a review writer and partner with The Bloody Asylum team. “Foremost, I always hope that my pieces are enjoyed by readers as much as I love writing them.”


You can feel Karl’s long-time love of the indie horror, thriller, genre film industry as his words and reviews are full of passion. It is obvious that he truly enjoys introducing new and old film content that may have otherwise gone undiscovered for years. If you’re looking for some recommendations on indie movies and TV shows, then check out Karl’s Mr Geeky website!



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Mr. Geeky Blog Website


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