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Comedy Sensation Tiffany Haddish and Brian Hooks Star in the Thought-Provoking New Film About When Life Doesn't Go as Planned, "All Between Us"

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Starring comic sensation Tiffany Haddish, Brian Hooks, Darien Smith and Jamie Jones’filmmaking debut takes us on a wild roller-coaster ride over one fateful night that changes the lives of a crazy and flawed, but entirely relatable and endearing group of family and friends.

Clara (Denyce Lawton) and Ray (Brian Hooks) are newly engaged. As they gather family and friends together for a dinner party to make an announcement, what begins as a celebratory evening turns into disaster as secrets and skeletons surface. One night, one mistake, one dinner changes the lives of four people forever.

"All Between Us" will be available June 5 on Digital for an SRP $3.99 - $9.99 Rent or Buy across all platforms and to Buy on DVD for $10.06.

"It is truly an honor to be collaborating with such talented, like-minded individuals. Darien Smith, Mike Mosley, and Marvin Adams are an amazing team and looking forward to creating our next project together," says CEO and Founder of Samera Entertainment, Sharry Flaherty.

"The cast of 'All About Us' was amazing. We had such a great time on set and everyone got along with each other very well, even though those late AM hours the laughs just kept coming," says CEO and Founder of Lakeside Pictures LLC., Darien Smith.

“Now when Marvin and I sat down with the writer of 'All Between Us,' Ev Duran and hashed out the concept, we all knew that we would need a great cast to pull off this film. So I reach out to my good friend Brian Hooks to see if he would come on board, which he did and along with him, he brought Denyce Lawton, who is an amazing actress in this film by the way. Then the rest of the cast followed.”

"We had everyone cast but the leads best friend, Meshawn, whose character is sassy and very outspoken. We needed someone who could bring her to life," Smith continues. "So I spoke with my childhood friend and director of 'All Between Us' about the role and he made a call to Jay Phillips, who suggested we hire the amazingly talented and funny Tiffany Haddish. From the first moment she stepped on set, she was Meshawn and Meshawn was her. She was perfect, she was extremely great to work with, really down to earth and always on."

Produced by Multi-Platinum Mike Mosley, the original motion picture soundtrack from "All Between Us" will also be released on June 5, coinciding with the film’s release. "The All Between Us" soundtrack will be available on Itunes - Lakeside Pictures / I Produce Muzic / Ingrooves.

“Music is very important to us at Lakeside Pictures in every project that we’re a part of, given it’s the industry that our company was originally birthed from”, says Co-Founder of Lakeside Pictures LLC., Marvin Adams. “That’s why in this film we went and got some greatly talented recording artists to add their amazing music to the film and its must-have soundtrack The soundtrack includes the first single “Pay Attention” by A.D. On The Track, in which the music video will be released soon, and “Goodbye” from Trina B and multi-platinum R&B artist Donell Jones, so don’t sleep on the soundtrack- everyone’s going to love it.”

“We are very proud to be presenting 'All Between Us,' a film that we think many people will be able to relate to”, Managing Director/ CEO of Vision Films, Lise Romanoff says. “It’s an entertaining reminder that things are never as idyllic as they seem, but love conquers all.”

All Between Us

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Founded in 2008 by Darien Smith and Marvin Adams under the name BlackBuck Media, Lakeside Pictures helps in the development of production for music artist as well as providing video production services for indie films and major music companies alike. Throughout the years, Lakeside Pictures has taken part in the production of over 20 films and television programs statewide.



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We are excited to present "All Between Us" for review, and editorial inclusion. Review links are available; request yours today!  

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