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DUKE Offers Old Fashioned Heroics in a Modern Backdrop

Written by Nick R. Murphy of Cinema Trends
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James and Anthony Gaudioso are identical twins with near identical dreams. A recent example of their dreams coming to fruition can be found in DUKE, a character driven psychodrama inspired by classic westerns, with a contemporary spin.

DUKE stars Carmine Giovinazzo and Hank Harris as Dare and Roost, two brothers who faced unspeakable trauma during their upbringing in a reformatory they call “The Home.” The lasting psychological effects of their mutual experiences follow them into adulthood where they have made a habit of dressing in cop uniforms and posing as the real deal on the street. Roost soon grows tired of the charade and retreats into watching classic John Wayne movies. Meanwhile, Dare turns up the heat and goes into full “Dirty Harry” mode, butting heads in the back alleys with hoodlums and prostitutes, and engages in an obsessive pursuit of a real, but elusive cop killer known only as “Winky” (Maurice Benard).



James and Anthony Gaudioso co-wrote and co-directed DUKE, and also play significant supporting roles. Anthony plays Detective Morrison, a real cop with a hard edge that crosses paths with the fabricated, yet authentic edge of Dare as they both hunt the same killer. And James is a particular standout as Joan aka “J-Bird,” a trans streetwalker who finds herself flirting with disaster as Winky’s crime spree intensifies. James found the role not only the most challenging thus far in his career, but also the most rewarding.

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Samera Entertainment gives you a quick behind the

scenes look at this thrilling neo noir from Gravitas Ventures.

Vanessa Ferlito (Death Proof, Shadowboxer), Richard Cabral (Khali The Killer, Mayans MC), Richard Portnow (GoodFellas, The Sopranos) and Richard Roundtree (Shaft, Se7en) also star in this pulse pounding thriller distributed by Gravitas Ventures. DUKE is now available on VOD and also free to stream (with ads) on Tubi. So do yourself a favor and check out this intense indie treasure today!


Born in Illinois, but came of age in New York. Thanks to a very supportive mother, they started acting at a young age and were both featured in Spike Lee's Finish Line NIKE campaign. Their feature debut, Medium was shot between 2003 and 2004 in Long Island, NY for a budget of $15,000. Since then, the twins have amassed a large resumé as both actors and filmmakers, including the above mentioned, DUKE and the 2017 psychological mystery, The Ghost and the Whale.

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