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Support Indie Flix speaks with actor Hick Cheramie, from the horror thriller OBSIDIAN.

Support Indie Flix~  Can you introduce yourself to the Samera Entertainment audience?


Hick - I’m Hick Cheramie a 43 year old American born actor from the Bayous of Lafourche Parish just south of New Orleans. 

Support Indie Flix - How and when exactly did you realize you had the passion for acting and who are your biggest influences?

Hick ~ A couple years after I put the bottle down and got sober I remembered a childhood dream of mine and that was to be an actor.  Once I started there was no stopping me.  My influences change daily because I’m always evolving and so are my influences. In 2019 Bryan Cranston was a huge influence on me and I just happened to be working with him in a scene that year on his Showtime series Your Honor. So, it’s constantly changing. I’m currently working with Will Smith and he’s been a major influence.

Support Indie Flix - What attracted you to this movie, OBSIDIAN?

Hick ~  I was hungry at first, it was my first speaking role so I just wanted that, but it all changed when I sat with Erica Summers for a table read and I clearly saw a great story but not only a great story but the motivation and hard work behind making this piece of art. Erica will get you passionate really quick, you just have to hear her story. Once that story was told I was sold. How could I not be passionate about a project like this. Her drive,creativity and perseverance makes you want to give it your all. 

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Support Indie Flix ~  Tell us a little about your character, Mick, How is this character like you? Different??

Hick ~ I was Mick 7 years ago when I still drank. Cocky, ornery, self destructive and pretty selfish but managed to still have a heart. I think the difference between Mick and myself is I’m not that bad of a horn dog. Lol!

Support Indie Flix ~ How was it working with Director Erica Summers? Besides yourself, which actor in this production is going to blow the audience away?

Hick ~ Working with Erica was an unforgettable experience, when an artists drive bleeds into other artist, your job becomes easy. She is an amazing director, writer and human. I’d work with her in a heartbeat again. Henry Frost is just so talented, he’s become a life long brother and mentor. I’m fortunate I can come to him for advice.

Support Indie Flix ~ What was your favorite day on set? Why? 

Hick ~ Everyday, we just had a blast filming and it was like I was with family.

Support Indie Flix ~ Outside of acting, do you have any other major interests or passions and what's something we should know about you that might surprise us?

Hick ~ I’m a pretty common guy, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful amazing partner Camryn and my two amazing teenagers. 

I’m a big crime tv buff. 

Support Indie Flix ~ What is next for Hick, do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

Hick ~ I’m currently working on an  Apple production with Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua. I have multiple independent films coming out. Some of those include Sindustry, Cedar Creek, Dear,Kate, Vampire Bud and a western called Tales of the Natchez Trace.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us, Hick.



OBSIDIAN is now available from Midnight Releasing.


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