London/Stroud Casting Celebrates the Release of 'Freaks'

London/Stroud Casting is proud to announce that Freaks opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, Sept. 13. Film Threat says Freaks is Room meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Carrie meets Tideland.

London/Stroud Casting Goes to the Santa Barbara Film Fest

This past February, London/Stroud Casting had three films premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. One of which, BABYSPLITTERS, won the Panavision Spirit Award for best Independent Cinema at the Film Festival.

London Stroud Casting and Samera Entertainment Join Forces to Create a Bright Future for Actors

Lisa London and Catherine Stroud, the founders of London Stroud Casting, have always been passionate about actors and finding the right talent for film and television projects. They are leading the way toward creative and innovative casting. “What we love about casting is bringing the writers’, producers’ and directors’ visions to life and collaborating with everyone to find the best talent for the roles,” says London.